Health Insurance Crohn's Disease


I am relocating to Dubai with My husband on a dependant visa and need to get health insurance.

I am finding it difficult to find health insurance as I have Crohn's Disease. I have been flare-up free for this past 5 years and am on medication to keep it under control.

Does anyone have any advise on health insurers in Dubai for Crohn's Disease?
Is it relatively easy to get prescription medication?

Thank you in advance!!


Hi Sophie. I am writing to hear if you found a solution on this, as I am currently in the same situation as you were in.

Hope you found a Way.

Best, Sophie-Amalie

Generallly, corporate policies cover pre-existing conditions.  However, when you go on your own to get insurance, this can lead to outright exclusions or much higher premiums.  On top, there is usually a waiting period even if insurance is approved.