any clinic in UAE that will accept medical fitness exam for bahrain?

hi all.

not sure if im in the right thread but just want to ask if anyone here knows any clinic in UAE that will accept medical fitness exam for bahrain? husband got an offer for bahrain and got a medical form from them. I already called aster clinic in sharjah but sadly they cant do it.

Do you have any recommendations for other clinics that might accept it?
would really appreciate the help.

When I moved from UAE to Bahrain, I got my pre-employment medical done at Welcare in Knowledge village, Dubai.

As far as I know, this can be done in any accredited hospital or clinic in UAE, being part of GCC.  The thing is that you don't have to go and ask them about Bahrain medical as none of them would have an idea about that; just make sure to get all the tests done which are required by Bahrain i.e. full medical report covering vitals, CBC, HIV, Hep B, Hep C, Syphilis and TB screen.  And the doctor can fill and stamp the form - they do that for many types of checks anyway such as life insurance etc so this would not be an issue.

And in case you don't know, only the work permit holder needs to do this medical and not his family/dependents.

Thank you again Sir! Will take note of that. 😁

Hi, I made my medical test at Aster Clinic in Nahda Dubai. Which form should I give them? Or should I asked them for general medical test? And  are they the one who will give me the medical fitness. I went on different hospital  and clinic (MOH and DHA hospital)they don't know exactly.  Please help. Thanks

I have commented on this dozens of times.  And it even lists this clearly on the LMRA website.

This is the form that the clinic needs to fill out.

Anyone know which hospital i can do the pre-employment visa medical for KSA here in dubai?

Hi guys,

I read posts regarding Hepatitis B positive. I got a job in Dubai and in few days I will be having a medical exam.
I am software engineer and got a job in my related engineering field, I am hepatitis B positive, but I have no symptoms and no illness and all my other reports are good and healthy like LFT (liver functioning test), lipid profile, blood count, CBC every other reports are fine and good, but only Hepatitis B positive gets detected in blood.

Although I have read on so many other website and on government sites that hepatitis b test only includes for six categories like nanny, hairdresser and food handling and I am not in this category.

Should I go through the medical exam and will get my new employment visa and emirates ID. Please do let me know.


Good afternoon my friend I am in the same situation like you about my statut and I am still waiting for any information. Please let's me know if you succeed. Thanks

@XTang hello brother. How r u. Do u know any medical center in Sharjah from where i can pre employment medical test for Bahrain. And also pls do tell me which test are necessary for bahrain medical or ww have to ask de to fill complete form

I have no idea about Sharjah.  And as I have explained many times before:

1) The form that has to be filled out is on LMRA website

2) Any accredited medical center would work