Hepatitis B Inactive

Dear All,

Am looking for jobs in Dubai. I shouldn apply for for it the reason is am having Hepatitis B postive and non reactive since 2014. Kindly suggest so will plan for job hunting in UAE.

Read / search the threads in the forum.   All of this has been discussed before. You can get a visa IF:

1) You are not looking to work in any of the 6 professions that do not allow Hep B e.g. food handlers etc
2) If 1 is true then you come to UAE on a visit visa and convert it to a work visa after arrival.  If you follow the normal medical test of GAMCA in your home country, they will never pass you

Thanks for ur Reply

@Satish Natarajan

Did you pass medical?

@XTang i have a syphlis reactive,  but already have treatment, so can i got dubai or abudhabi work permit visa?  please information me.

@vaishnavbmenon007  Yes I passed


You mean Hbs Ag  +ve is not a problem for other categories other than 6 categories.