How to develop your social network in Dubai

networking in Dubai
Updated 2021-11-11 08:58

Moving to a new country or city is not always easy, especially when you're leaving behind your friends and family. Socialising will perhaps be the main issue you will have. Joining a club or group, chatting online, shopping, calling a friend on the phone - are all means of socialisation, whether you are in Dubai or anywhere else.

Since many nationalities live in Dubai, there are also many events happening, so you will never feel alone. Here are some ways to meet people and socialise more quickly in Dubai or anywhere else.


Meetup is an online platform that is commonly used to organise groups or events with people having similar interests. To get started, simply download the mobile application Meetup, choose Dubai and search for new people. Some events specialised in the culture and traditions of the UAE regularly organise events for freshly arrived expats so make sure not to miss these.

Outdoor activities

During winter (From November till April), the weather in Dubai is sunny and warm. You can try swimming, cycling or running which is a great way to meet new people. Kite Beach is perfect not only for flying your kite but also to enjoy a range of water activities while JBR Marina Beach is a nice place for yacht trips and walking.

Register in a language school

If you have always dreamed of learning a new language or you would like to try learning the Arabic language you can choose from many language schools in Dubai. In general, these offer a variety of languages including foreign ones. Learning a new language takes time, but your motivation will be people sharing the same passion.

Leisure activities

A new country, new city and new job also mean finding new leisure activities! If you have always wanted to get initiated to Italian cuisine or drawing, for example, you will be delighted to know that Dubai is home to a centre for culinary arts, exhibitions, and arts. The International Centre for Culinary Arts is amongst the top 10 Culinary Institutes worldwide. In short, the UAE always brings the best facilities to its residents.

Community gathering

It is important to know your neighbours, so you can feel comfortable and adapt more easily. Who knows, some might come from your native country, and you may have common things to share. You could also find it easier to befriend the locals together.

Social networking

Simply type 'expats in Dubai' in your search engine or on social networks like Facebook, and you will find many expats living in this beautiful city. Sometimes, the most active residents organise different gatherings between Dubai residents like BBQ or picnics.

Interest in learning about religion

Visiting Jumeirah Mosque is an excellent way to get to know more about Islam. It is the only mosque in Dubai that is open to the public, so don't miss an opportunity to discover it.

Become friends with your colleagues

Expats are the main component of the whole team in many organisations. You can spend time with your colleagues on the weekends so that it becomes easier to share your experience in Dubai.

There are many options for meeting new people and expanding your social network in Dubai. The United Arab Emirates is the 'second home' for many nationalities, and it looks impressive when so many people with different cultures and religions live together in respect and harmony.

It might be difficult in the beginning to settle down and make yourself 'feel like home', but you will definitely get used to it. At the same time, you and your friends may not live in Dubai for a long time. Keep in touch on social media. Think about greeting cards as well.

Choose friends that treat you well, and treat them in the same way. Take a look at our Dubai forum for more information on the city and to connect with other expats.

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