The cuisine in Dubai

cuisine in Dubai
Updated 2021-11-11 14:09

When it comes to eating out, Dubai offers everything that you can imagine. The number of restaurants is increasing every year with virtually all types of cuisines from around the world. Regarding Arabic delights, you will not be disappointed.

Restaurants and hotels

Managed by celebrity chefs, each restaurant in Dubai offers a unique dining experience. The newly opened 'Dinner in the sky' takes you to another level of fine dining. Expect your comfortable seat and table to be suspended 50 meters above ground level and served with delicious food prepared by top chefs. The sight is amazing! Each session takes about an hour and a half, and the price depends on the lunch or dinner you choose. Dining at luxury hotels is another great choice.

For seafood lovers, Al Mahara is the place to be. This restaurant is found in Burj Al Arab - the world's finest hotel - and offers Michelin-starred British chef's dishes. It is a kind of 'submarine' taking you underwater. It's an extraordinary culinary experience for unforgettable memories. At the Al Dawaar Revolving restaurant, you can enjoy the stunning views of the Burj Khalifa, Dubai Creek and the sea. The restaurant currently offers a 'Taste of Asia' dinner every Wednesday.

Floating restaurants are becoming popular too. One of them is Bateaux Dubai, an elegant, glass-enclosed vessel that offers a real fine-dining experience with night-time views of old Dubai. Dubai is a place that screams luxury. Several affordable places in Dubai offer as much quality in taste, appeal and ambience as would the high-end places. Usually, prices depend on the restaurant's location.

Street and fast food

You can try delicious and cheap local street food in Old Dubai. If you visit popular sites like Downtown or Marina, the price will be slightly higher due to the tourist influx. Fast food lovers can find their favourite spots in Dubai too. There is a variety of fast-food restaurants and cafes in the city. If you are looking to save money, download the 'Entertainer' app. With 'Buy one get one free' as its tagline, it has almost become a lifestyle in Dubai.

Food festivals

Dubai is also a top destination for gastronomical festivals. The Dubai Food Festival is a yearly event in which the city transforms into a foodie haven. Seize the opportunity to explore the different dishes and cuisines. The festival includes tastings, set menus, cooking classes, competitions, live entertainment, etc. It takes place in winter to attract more tourists.

Dubai Food Festival has become a platform for people across the city to connect over their love of food. It's also an opportunity to visit posh restaurants at a discounted price. Restaurant owners are always coming up with new ideas to grab more visitors. Follow social media groups and download 'Zomato', a mobile app where you can track the best dining spots, together with prices and reviews. Do not miss newly opening cafes as they usually offer attractive prices for their first visitors.

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