The food scene in Abu Dhabi

Gastronomy in Abu Dhabi
Updated 2021-11-10 11:54

If you are a foodie, then Abu Dhabi is perfect for you. This city likes to experiment and you will find lots of quaint, hole-in-the-wall kind of places alongside mainstream restaurants.

The diverse nationalities of Abu Dhabi's residents have also opened gates to restaurants of different cuisines from Lebanese, Egyptian, Indian to Chinese, Korean and Filipino restaurants. Wherever you are from in Abu Dhabi, you will surely get a taste of the world if you dare to explore.

Local dishes

Must-try local delicacies include shawarma, which is available in every street, but popular choices are Al Rousha in Al Markaziyah and Lebanese Flower in Al Wahda. Arabic mixed grills are also a must-try. It is a selection of grilled meats like lamb, beef and chicken that comes with refreshing salads like fattoush and tabouleh with a basketful of homemade flatbread. Biryani is also a delicious must-try for those with a flair for Indian cuisine. For sweets, who can pass up kunaffeh and other delicious Arabic treats?

The best places for eating out

Middle eastern flavors named Mijana as the number one

Middle Eastern restaurant in Abu Dhabi, it is known as one of the best Lebanese restaurants in the region. Gad Restaurant, located in Tourist Club Area, offers various middle eastern style cooked meats and other dishes. The servings are huge, and the meats are always grilled to perfection — not too dry, always juicy. They also offer an unlimited amount of bread so be prepared to be stuffed to the brim.

A taste of Asia

If you fancy something Asian, Hankook Korean Restaurant is an authentic Korean restaurant that is always busy with customers. They serve delicious Korean cuisine that comes with ban cham or free appetizers that come along with the dishes that you order. To complete the experience, opt to sit at one of the rooms with Korean-style floor seating. They also offer Korean Kimchi that you can take away to consume at home. If you want authentic Chinese takeaway or dine-in food, Oasis Garden Chinese Restaurant is the place to turn to. The noodles are delicious as is their bestseller Spicy Crispy Beef. Be sure to order beforehand if you want food to be delivered, as they can be pretty busy during peak hours of the day.

Punjab Grill, a favourite Indian restaurant is Punjab Grill, also named by, as the top Indian restaurant in the capital, it surely is a must-visit for both residents and tourists alike.

International cuisine

Some international chain restaurants have also entered Abu Dhabi's restaurant scene. Famous names are The Cheesecake Factory, Shake Shack, Five Guys and popular bakeries such as The Magnolia Bakery at Al Mariah Island. One does not have to venture far away to get a taste of these famous restaurant chains. Fine dining establishments are also available in Abu Dhabi, especially in hotels where you can avail of brunches and buffet-style dining.

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