New to the area and have only been in the Emirates for a little over 2 months.  I understand the rules about photography, but I would like to know if anyone has any suggestions of places to go take photographs.

:)Dubai Marina and the Bur Dubai — Creek Park and Zabeel Parks
The Dusit Hotel on Sheikh Zayed Road, Burj Al Arab, Jumieriah Beach Hotel, BURJ KHALIFA, Dubai Clock Tower, World Trade Center
and the Emirates Tower and lot of MAlls around UAE

Thank you!

When you say rules of photography.. Do you mean how to work the camera, or the rules regarding taking pictures in the UAE?

Regarding the latter. Technically it is still illegal to snap away in public with a camera. However, given the number of mobiles with cameras and the number of cameras around the police don't enforce this unless there is a specific complaint.

In terms of the old regulation (which I think are still in effect) you may not take photos of government buildings or installations or any places of strategic significance. You will see - if you look around certain places have warning signs up against taking photos - normally around military bases as well as power installations etc. Myself and a friend we detained once for doing this and had to hand over our film (in the days before digital) although we innocent in our motives.

In public don't take any picture of local (covered) ladies unless you ask permission first.

Word of advice… if you go to the desert to take snaps, get a proper airtight cover for your camera else you are likely to end up with jammed drive motors or lenses because of the dust. To compound the problem if you do have a hermetic cover for the camera watch out for condensation on the inside – particularly in summer.

Thanks... The rules are like I thought.
Thanks for the advice on the covers.

have a look at the Gulf Photo Plus ... they do arrange photography walks although I have just come to dubai 1 month back and also share the same enthusiam of photography. If you like doing bluehour shots, then visit the roof top bar at Four Points Shereton on Sheikh Zayed Road. You can get a shot similar to: and have a look at the "Sun down on the city of lights" ... It's a superb view of Sheikh Zayed Road.

Apart from that there are some other nice places like jumeirah beach (to capture the whole skyline or shoot burj al arab).

I am sure there are several other places which I have heard but not yet explored. Still looking for photography partners/walks.

Enjoy shooting :)

There are some excellent suggestions here, so I won't give you any repeat information, but another place I think it worth mentioning is Oman's Musandam peninsula.  The landscape is pretty striking, and taking a dhow trip around the khors is quite pleasant as well (although perhaps not in the summer).
This is better suited to a weekend trip than a day trip, though.

It depends what you like, landscape-green-oasis Al Ain is best, mountains - beach, Ras Al Khaima is good, Dunes in between Hatta & Dubai, plan desert - Umm Al Quain, Cityscape - Abu Dhabi/Dubai

does anyone know where to find photographic supplies in Abu Dhabi? im looking for 120 film and developer and fixer chems. Thank you