Beach Volleyball !


Just arrived to Abu Dhabi and was glad to find out that there are 2 new beach volleyball courts close to Corniche road in the Seraton Hotel. I play the sport in a semi pro level and was wandering if anyone else in our group is a volleyball player so that we could start organizing some games.

PS not very impressed from my first days here :(

Am in :) Lets get the court rolling :p

ok, will be there

not a pro.. just good in playing indoor volley.. but u can count me in! :)

Hi! I also just arrived, I went to see some beach court on corniche beach but nobody there.
Where do you play and when? Is it possible to join you? I used to play.
Thanks. Laura

im in.....but when and where?

Hi natalia1987 > just to inform you that this is an old topic. You might want to start a new discussion on the Abu Dhabi forum. ;) Thank you.