Brit moving to Abu Dhabi - help needed - Football Coaching

Hey good people. I am moving to Abu Dhabi in September 2010 with my wife who is a teacher and has a position lined up. I am an FA level 1 qualified football coach and am looking to coach kids football in Abu Dhabi. I have looked up a couple of local companies and had some positive response but am aware that there may be others that I have not been able to find and therefore thought I'd ask if anyone on here had any contacts or info?

Also my wife and I are really keen to get any handy tips and info on ex-pay life in Abu Dhabi, any recommendations people may have about social clubs or activities good to join. We're really looking forward to the oppotunity to move abroad and any experiences and stories to share are greatly appreciated!

Maybe we'll run into you over there!

I can only think of Zayed Sports City in Abu Dhabi. The website is not launched yet, but you can call them for possible opportunities.

Not sure if you would like to do PE teacher in schools. There's a big chance that you can get yourself a job, I know for sure the PE teacher (very professional) in CIS (Canadian International School) is leaving this year, you may want to contact them if you're interested for replacement. They're also looking for teachers of other subjects.

Good Luck

Cheers 0Tulip0 I'll check that site out!

PE teaching jobs might be a be restricting for you, so I'm not sure I would recommend that.  What do people do her socially? Well, many join  beach clubs (Hiltonia, Sheraton, The Club/The British Club) at a handsome annual membership. A couple would be looking at 15,000 dirhams/annually for access to the clubs beach, pool, health club, etc. Many/most clubs have waiting lists to get in.  There is a LOVELY public beach and facilities, so perhaps that will be more up your alley. I do have a beach club membership (I'm a single female so it's more affordable), but I spend A LOT of my time driving w/ the Abu Dhabi 4x4 Club. It's a wonderful organisation that helps newbies to the sand find their feet, and it's free! I have also met people through a local dance class. There is a choral group (I've attended a few rehearsals...lovely crowd). There are sporting groups like the "Duplays". Another lovely way to meet other like-minded people.

Feel free to check out my blog for a glimpse into daily here.

I hope that information was helpful.

Thanks for the info auhgal!

all the best on that am a soccer purist i am a decent football player too but i guess my chance is gone given that am 24, hope you find what ur looking for, cheers