Re-testing of Medical for X-Ray

Hi Everyone,

I just want to share my experience and also ask for some advice or insights from the experiences of those who are also here in Dubai.

Here it is:

I came here in Dubai with a Visit Visa and looked for a job, fortunately I got hired. I've signed the Company Offer Letter and the document entitled, "Job Offer for Unlimited Term  Employment Contract" (I don't know if that is already the employment contract), the PRO who is processing it told me that it will be submitted in the Ministry of Labor. Then my Employment Visa with a validity of 3 months came. After that, the PRO asked me to go with him to process the Emirates ID and go to Medical, then that is exactly what we did, we went to Karama and I did the finger printing for Emirates ID and after that we proceed in Karama Medical Fitness Center to have my blood test and X-Ray, after 3 days, I began doing my work in the compan. One day, before I came for my 4th day of work in the office, the PRO called and told me that the result of my X-Ray in Karama didn't went well, that they found something in it, I asked what was it but he didn't also know what exactly it was. He instructed me to go with him and we went to Al Muhaisnah Medical Fitness for a consultation. During the consultation, the Dr. asked me if I've got Tuberculosis or Pneumonia before, I answered him that I just had a mild pneumonia back since 1 or 2 years ago. Then the Dr. asked me if I've been confined when I got the Pneumonia and I told him that I haven't been confined and I just took oral antibiotics for a week. Then after that consultation they asked the PRO to get the result after 1 week.

I'm still waiting and kinda worried about what will be the result. I'm worried because I have been diagnosed with pneumonia twice back in 2016 and around late 2017 or early 2018 then I just took the Dr. prescribed Antibiotics and other medications for 1 week and felt fine.

Nothing you can do except wait.  If they didn't do any other tests like sputum or another X-ray but asked you to wait, it means that the result has been referred to a panel for a decision.  And they probably saw something in your X-ray that indicated a disease like TB or Pneumonia.

Yeah I think that is the only thing that I can do now, to wait for the result. Hoping for the best. Thank you Sir XTang.

The result of my medical arrived today and it's says I am "Unfit" to work and the application for my resident visa for employment has been blocked. They asked us to go to Al Muhaisnah Medical Fitness tomorrow for the "eye scan thing", what does that mean and are they going to send me back home urgently or they will give time for me to book a flight back home, am I banned already. I don't know what to expect tomorrow, maybe someone here can enlighthen me. Thanks in advance

Sorry to hear that.

Eye scan is done before deportation.  Once it is done, you will be banned unfortunately. Be mentally ready to be taken after the eye scan, straight to the holding area, from where you will be deported.  Sometimes they ask your employer to book a flight and give you a few days.   

But be prepared for the worst.  Do let us know how it goes.

Thank you for your reply but may I just ask about "holding area" that you have just said. Meaning they wont allow me to go out of that  holding area and will take hold of me until the employer got a ticket to send me back home? Is that what it means. Please enlighten me. TIA XTang

Yes.  Depending on the seriousness of the illness e.g. for HIV, they will just detain you and hand you over to police who will take you the holding area.  You will be kept there till your sponsor arranges a flight for you.  They will then escort you to the plane, scan once more and you are gone.

That is how it used to happen up until some years ago.  I am not sure if it works the exact same way now.  But they don't do that in all cases - for non contagious TB, I think you should be given a few days to a week to sort things out.

Ok, thank you for that. I am confident that I don't have TB. I have read a lot of cases like that in here and that they might concluded that the scar that they have found in my lungs are from old TB even if they were just really from an old case of Pneumonia that I got back on 2015 and 2016.

We will go tomorrow in Muhaisnah for the eye scan I think, is there a possibility that I can contest their findings and ask them if they can test me for sputum or retake the X-ray in their facility before they start the deportation process?

You don't have time now but some people have had success with taking a quantiferon gold tb test from clinics in UAE and then using that to contest their findings.  Unfortunately, that is what should have been done when you were called back for the first time.

If they give you time, you can get it done on urgent basis and try to contest.  But if they deport you from there, you won't get the opportunity.

And keep in mind that they won't retest you as they have already marked you as UNFIT. All of this is done before giving the result.  Since they didn't; it appears they are extremely confident about what they see in your lungs. 

And you need to understand that you COULD have had TB as a child, even for a short period of time and that could have left scars in your lungs.   The only way you could be sure that you don't have it is if you have had x-rays before, seen the scars and consulted with a doctor to determine what they are.  TB scars look VERY different from Pneumonia scars.

So here's an update:
Nov. 29, we went back to Muhaisnah Medical and Fitness Center. I already know what will happen and what I expected was exactly happened. When we arrived there, I waited outside and the PRO asked inside Bldg. No. 7 if there is a possibility that I can do retest and he came back with a very saddening news that I cannot do retest anymore, that the "unfit" medical result is final. Then we got to Bldg. No. 5, the General Directorate of Residency and Foreign Affairs, to do the Irish Scan. When the Irish scan was done, the papers were processed, then they issued us the Deportation paper. I tried to read it and the only thing that I understand was the statement stating: "This person should leave the country before 28/12/2018" and the "Permanent Ban". So from there, I understood that I need to go out before Dec. 28 and I am permanently Ban, was that right?

Sorry to hear that. Yes that is what it means.

Is there any way to lift a "Permanent Ban" after being deported because of a lung scar, after finishing treatment here in the Phils.?

There is no "process" to make that happen as a "permanent" ban means just that i.e. permanent.  You were deported with an iris scan for a reason i.e. to stop you from ever entering again.

Practically speaking, I would forget about working in the UAE.   If you want to try lifting the ban, get ready for a long torturous process of filing appeals with Ministry of Health and immigration with no guarantee for success.   You would definitely need someone in UAE to do this on your behalf.  The only success stories (and very few of those) that I have heard, have been for families i.e. husband and wife / parents and children who were separated due to medical reasons.  There is practically zero chance for anyone else, especially new visa applicants. 

Lastly, going through this thread, it seems that all along, you have been very confident that you didn't have TB - even though I kept pointing out that circumstances (lack of re-test) indicated that there was no doubt in the medical examiner's mind.  If that really was the case i.e. you didn't have TB, then what was your treatment for? 

The reason I ask is that it does seem that you have or had something.  This may prevent you from working in ANY GCC country.  Try to take a GAMCA medical and see what comes out.   This will save you time in future job applications.

Thank you for the useful info. But I will just share a thing, the PRO of the company that employed me there in UAE told me to send certification after I received medication and they will process the removing of the said ban. Is that even possible?

Well if he says they will help; no harm in trying.  All I am saying is that it is not a standard process and depends on your luck.

Yes Sir you are absolutely correct. I agree with you.
Same case happened with me and i came back to my home country on July 2018.
I earlier worked in UAE from 2014 to 2017 and afterwards i moved to Oman.
For Oman i did my medicals at Gamca in my home country and there they said you have scar in lungs so you are unfit to work as per Gamca policies but the doctor said we are not putting your name in system and i can try after 6 months. Immediately i mailed to my prospective employer in Oman and told them the issue. My employer called me on visit visa to Oman and i did my medicals there. Committee in Oman also told that i have minimum spot in lungs but my employer managed to obtain visa as they were well renowned group in Oman. So, i worked in Oman from 2017 to May 2018. Again i came to UAE on June 2018 and got hired because i was confident that i will pass medical as i had already worked in UAE. But, as they see scar in lungs they asked your case is re-entry after cancellation and your coming to UAE after almost 1 Year 6 Months. So, i was not given visa and sent back home.
So, if you have lung scar even minimum GCC is big big NO.
God Bless you all.

Hey guys, I also having this issue with me. Presently I am applying visa for UAE, Abu Dhabi. I gone through GAMCA Medical at India. They have found my right lung costophrenic angle is blunting. Hence they are not agreed to give me GAMCA Medical fit certificate. Though they are also not giving me unfit mark in GAMCA website. they giving me a chance to reappear in another GAMCA center in later days for trying my luck again. I crosscheck this x ray with a polumunolgist and  got the same result. 
However I am bit worried that what shall I do now, what process I should follow to go to UAE.
And what should I tell to my employer, so that I may not lose my opportunity with my employer. 

Please find a x ray for reference!! Any experience person or doctor or lawyer please help me with this, matter is most urgent!!

Hi everyone,...i did also a medical recheck(repeated). A week after my employer still not receive any call or message regarding the result. My question is how long it takes to get the result of medical rechecked? 7 days now im still waiting, can someone answer me please?

1-2 weeks but a lot of people are on vacation in August so things slow down.

Don't post on multiple threads.

Ok sir...thanks for the reply. but in other case it took only 2-3 days after sputum test they had the result.  Usually if you do re-test of medical they ask you 3× sputum test, but in my case they ask me 2× only and after that the doctor asked a few question and told me that they will call after 2 days but untill now 1 week already still not receive any call.

Before my medical for employment i consult a doctor in private hospital and check on my sputum and the result is good, my sputum is negative of tb bacteria but found pheumonia that is why the doctor only advice me to take antibiotics for one week and that was i did.

Good morning sir!...i am working here for 5 years and this is my 3rd company suppose to be but the problem i did not passed here my last medical. My question they will still deport me? And if they will deport me do i also get a ban or blacklist me here in uae?

Timing wise, you can't refer to other cases.  Things in this part of the world are not black and could be delayed due to many reasons, people on leave etc.  It happens.

if you are marked UNFIT and it is a new visa, then they deport and blacklist you.  For people who are transferring, they just generally ask you to continue treatment and check back after some time.

Thanks for the reply, but in my case no treatment will happen because im not sick, the problem is the scur and when they did a retest on me, sputum, blood, and skin test all results are okay, that is why they never give me medicine. But they said results will be unfit because im working in fnb.

My question again is, if the medical centers passed the results to immigration, do the medical center knows if the person will be deported or blacklist by immigration office.

For F&B or teachers in nurseries, they are super strict.  So I would forget about getting a FIT if that is your field. 

And I don't get your question.  Why would the medical centre need to know that?  that is an immigration decision.  Period.

Because the doctors told me if i get unfit result i will be deported and might blacklist. for all i know that is only for first timer. But on me i am working here for many years, that is why im thinking  if i'll be deport like the first timer.

As I said, that is an immigration decision. And medical center won't know. But one thing is for sure, you can't work in fnb anyway now.

Yes thats the doctor said, i cannot work anymore to FnB. That is why doctor advice me to change my job not related to food anymore. So they can give me a fit result.

Ok sir thanks for the replies, i appreciate all the answers i got from you.

Have you been a PPD or just e
X-ray at the 2nd time?

Not yet xray for the second time but not been told for PPD, that's why in asking if I'm safe from TB? I just came today further follow.

Whether they ask you to do X-ray or PPD; doesn't matter at all.  This process varies doctor to doctor and clinic to clinic.  And it is all dependent on the level of doubt they have.  For example, if they are sure that you don't have TB or are sure that you DO have it; they will not ask for any re-test and mark you FIT or UNFIT accordingly.  If there is any doubt, that is when they will do tests.   

So be hopeful but don't assume you are safe until you get the FIT result in your hand.

They just saw patch in my lungs, how it is?

I haven't seen your results nor has anyone else on these forums.  So no one can tell you.  I have already explained to you that you are NOT safe until you are marked FIT.  So just wait.

Hi i've red your post and some replies, you have same case with my wife. Back in 2018 she was deported because of an old TB, And i was left here working in Dubai. What we did is when i got my Annual Leave we get medical certificate from our home country stating that she is all cleared. We authenticated it and when i return here in dubai i attested the documents and submit all documents at MIRDIFF fitness center. After 3 months a staff from MIRDiF called me asking me to go there and get the letter stating that my wife's ban is already lifted. After getting the letter i go to Al Awir to check if the ban is already lifted. And yes the result is cleared she can now legally enter UAE. Just this month I applied visa for her and the good news is they just released the visa today. Maybe this information can help you

Hi, I am also experiencing the same situation. I was scheduled for a medical like 2 weeks ago and then I got the sputum result last week that there is an active TB. I didn't know how I got it but here's the thing. Our PRO is requesting for a re-test and til now, I am still working in the company. I don't know what will happen next because I read the threads like this and normally they would go somewhere for Iris Scanning  but I have not done that, at least not yet. Also, our PRO said that I just needed to have it cured for 2-6 months and I can send my clearance back to them afterwards so I can come back. Can you share with me some details on this because I am not sure what will happen next.

I have clearly explained this many times.  Use the search button.

After a confirmatory test, deportation happens.  And there is no coming back after that - at least on a work visa.

Hi, i got tb scar detected last 2017 in Auh but i was already a resident in UAE for 9 yrs. I was not deported but instead i need to visit SEHA for follow up check up every 6 mos for an xray. I did that 4x in 2 yrs. after 2 yrs i got cleared. This yr November i got hired in Dubai, but i was expecting that the scar will appear. So they had me repeat the xray, i thought that i was cleard in AUH, it is easier to get fit to work in Dubai. But i was wrong i had to undergo a different test like sputum for 5 days, i had my 1st sputum today, i try to convinced them and showed them the paper from SEHA, but no luck. I hope my scars are not active. Does anyone has the same situation?

Hi Everyone !

I just want to ask some question.

This happened to me:
I've got hired for the new employer. Actually this is my 2nd employer. When I do my medical test, after 2 days, they drop an email saying, I have to do some retest in Muhaisnah. I came there and inform me to have a sputum tests in 3 days. For now, this is the 3rd day of my tests. Awaiting for the result this 28th of January 2020.

I am nervous with the upcoming result. Like, why I have to do this tests? I don't have any history in Pneumonia and even in TB. I didn't encounter some surgeries before. Like really I don't have any history even family history! and it was already my 2nd visa. The 1st visa here dubai was last 2017 and it was all FIT and nothing problem. So, I was nervous now, because i read some news about the ban things. I can't imagine being banned without any history in this kind of disease.

Please help me to answer. Do i have to worry about my result?

Thanks a lot!

I have already answered this many times in the UAE forums.  Use the search.

And they are asking for re-test as they noticed something on your lungs.  A previous FIT result doesn't mean anything - it could be that the lungs were clear then or they did not notice.  It happens.

However, if you are transferring from another visa within UAE, they are not going to mark you as UNFIT and reject visa.  They will probably recommend you for provisional visa provided you keep visiting the center for treatment over a year.

Hi !

Thanks a lot!

It makes me feel comfortable now. Thank you!

So, I won't be much worried about this.

Have a great day!