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Hello everyone! I’m new in this forum! I just wanna ask regarding my case. I had my medical exam on April 23, 2018. After a week, my employer told me to go to Al Muhaisna for further follow up. I was really nervous that time because I don’t know what was happening. I know that I don’t have any illness because I am healthy and I don’t feel sick. When I got there the doctor ask me if I have history of TB or any signs and symptoms, I answered that I don’t have any of that. So they requested me to do 3 days consecutive sputum test and repeat Xray. After I had my repeat Xray, they told me to ask the PRO to be there and get the result. So I follow up my employer how’s the result they said that they didn’t give the result to PRO, instead they ask the owner of the company to be there and get the result. So I was thinking what happen why is that so. Could you please help me. Thank you!

Most probably, they have seen something on the x-ray i.e. scar which seems like TB.  Even if you don't have it now; you could have had it when you were young and it would have left a scar as these never fade.   Also, you need to be aware that not having it now doesn't matter to UAE for new visas - a TB scar most times is grounds for medical UNFIT and deportation.

I hope it goes well for you but calling in the owner is not a good sign.   Just be mentally ready for the worst i.e. deportation and pray for the best.

I don’t know. Because I did X ray before I don’t have any scars or something. But I still have to wait whatever it is. I know prayer changes things. So whatever it will be then it will be. Thank you for your time.

Praying for everyone who also have the case as mine!


Im in the same situation although i want to ask. When i went for my medical in al quoz i was called back a month later for repeat medical at al muhaisnah. On going there i was prescribed pneumonia and given meds to take for 7 days and 1 week rest before the next xray which was on on 8th of this month. Is this a normal procedure?

I am really worried!!!

They saw something on x-ray and want to test again.  If they said pneumonia and didn't take sputum test then I wouldn't be worried.  However, if they do sputum test, be worried.

No they did not ask for sputum test. I finished the prescription they gave me and went for another xray on the 8th. Thats it.

Thanx for the response i was really at awe as to what is going on

No they did not ask for sputum test. I finished the prescription they gave me and went for another xray on the 8th. Thats it.

Thanx for the response i was really at awe as to what is going on.

Hi. How do you feel now? I don’t think it was pneumonia as pneumonia presents with cough,high fever and chest pain with or without shortness of breathing. If it was pneumonia then don’t worry pneumonia is treatable and curable and they won’t deport you on pneumonia.
Be happy 😍

I feel way better now after the medication. The thing is when i was goin for my medical exam i had sinuses and a mild cough. They prescribed for me clarithromicin and cefurozime for 7days and also asjed me to rest for an extra 7days.

On going back they only did an xray and nothing more was requird of me.

Is there anything else apart from pneumonia that may require them to give me medication?

I think no if you are asymptotic

What do you mean by asymptotic?

No symptoms

Hi. How long does it take for the results to be communicated? Is a week too much or too less?

Hi. I have this situation right now where I was offloaded at Dubai Airport going to my country because of the reason that my visa cancellation wasn’t finish.
My entry permit (employment visa) is valid until June 14. I had my UNFIT medical, it took me 2months to know about my medical result. They gave me the result on June 18. I am very worried because I am thinking I might have penalty for overstay (which I am correct). I ask my employer regarding that situation and they gave me an answer that I will not overstay. They told me to wait because it will take few days to do the paper works for me to go back to my country.
And so everyday I keep on reminding them to when I will be going back, when will be my flight and if they already cancel my visa. Again it took them a month before they updated me. I was waiting for the eyes canning because which I know from this forum that I have to do it for the process of cancellation but they did not told me to do that. Instead they told me about my flight date and everything will be fine.

When I was at the airport, the immigration don’t want me to go to my flight because there’s still problem in my visa and I have to pay for my fine (overstayed a month).

Now, please can someone help me what to do regarding this situation that I am in right now. Thank you so much!

Very strange.  Usually, after an UNFIT medical, it is a matter of days or max weeks before deportation proceedings take place.

You have to ask your employer to cancel your visa as they are the only ones who can do that as your sponsors.

Good day,

          Currently I am here in dubai employment visa since April 2018.I done a medical test in Karama, they are not satisfied with my report and send me to muhaisinah medical centre.The doctor consulted me about my previous disease but i said NO, I have not met any thing before and then left from the centre, after 3 days my PRO collected my reports and it was OK.In my side i just took one x-ray which shows SCAR on lungs. will make trouble in my future if i switch a job, can you please explain me

It should be ok in the next switch as you will be considered as an old visa applicant i.e. someone who is already in the UAE.

Thank you for your kind reply.
I am sorry for asking counter question.

And one more, here some peoples faces deportation from uae but the peoples are old residents who are applying new job.

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