Who removed ban and back to UAE after unfit ( old scars tb)

Hi guys, if someone did remove bun or did sponsor viza and back after unfit to UAE?

Many people but NOT for work visa.  Only on dependent visa.

Dear, can u help me with process? I dont need work viza, Where i need to send email, and what documents ? Its possible to do sponsor viza from sister? And, for example if sister will finish work there , i will have again bun? Or will be allow to come by tourist viza always?

For the medical unfit situation, only compassionate sponsorship of direct family is allowed to my knowledge.   This includes husband or wife or kids.   Siblings are not part of the equation.

Thank u!
Do u know another way to remove ban? If i dont have scars in my lungs more? I sew some info in google, that i can make xray in my country and send all paper to hospital where i had bam

Right now, as per current laws, there is no way to remove the ban for a work visa.

I need only tourist viza, not work viza..its possible?

@XTang please reply how to remove ban ?

@Peacock 11 nobody will answer for u here… who back don't check this chat …

I have answered multiple times.  Read.

You CANNOT remove ban for a work visa or a tourist visa.  You can only get it removed for a dependent / family visa if you are being sponsored by wife/husband.  In that case, you need to approach DHA.

@XTang yes, exactly! Thank you! Always appreciate your reply!!!

Undergo a medical examination in your home country for TB ,obtain a medical fitness report from a government-approved medical Centre and notarize with UAE embassy and the MOFA . You will also need to grant a POA to some living in the UAE. Submit these documents to the ministry's medical fitness Centre, where you had undergone medical fitness tests previously. Based on the documents submitted by you, the GDRFA may lift the immigration ban on you.

@maayafx I got an immigration ban for old tb

i got my iris scan done and the person who did it told I can lift my ban from uae itself

do you k ow how to do that

@XTang My sister got a old TB ban back in 2018. Now her husband wants to bring her back to UAE on his sponsorship. Can you tell me what is procedure ?

Stop being lazy.  Read post #12.  Your question has been answered already.

@Peacock 11 did you manage to lift ban from within uae? Can you share more information?


hello. usually how long it will take to remove for dependent sponsorship to remove ban

If a couple is living here in UAE Dubai wife is sponsored or dependent on her husband. If in future if husband got medically unfit due to old scar (but he is currently in Dubai doing job).

Then what will be situation?

Can wife sponsored his husband who (she) is already sponsored by her husband?

Or any other situation for couple to stay here ?

Wife is already on a dependent visa.  A dependent cannot sponsor a dependent. 

@XTang Hi My wife got UNFIT  due to Hep B and she is not on work visa, only dependent visa (house wife). Now what is the option to remove this ban and bring her to GCC ?> kindly suggest immediately as i am on very urgent. Your timely help will help to solve this issue.

Read post #12 above.   Your question has already been answered.  As I said to the other poster, stop being lazy and actually read the posts in the thread........if it's really urgent for you.  And this is for UAE ONLY as you are on the UAE forums.