I got failed in gamca medical

Hi all
I'm from india.I got a job in Bahrain. I tried to take my gamca medical but they are saying I'm unfit bcoz there is some spots on my lungs. When I consulted with a doctor he said I'm completely fit for the job . I had pneumonia when I was young ,doctor said spots must be the result of pneumonia. The medical center's hasn't done online reporting yet. They said you can take medical from another centre after 21 days.
Is there any way I can keep this job?
If anyone can share about gamca medical please tell me.

If GAMCA has marked you as UNFIT, then forget about it.  In some cases, you will be given an opportunity to re-test in six months.

The only option is to come to Bahrain on a visit visa and ask your employers to transfer that to a work visa.  But do this ONLY if you are sure that you will clear the medical in Bahrain.  Because if you don't, you will deported and banned.

I have taken my gamca medical from a medical center . they found out that I'm unfit bcoz of spots on my lungs but they didn't send the report to the consulate. I asked them to not to send the report and they agreed . I'm gonna take the gamca medical from another centre after 21 days.
If I clear the gamca medical here what are my chance  of clearing medical in Bahrain

With lung spots, no one can say.