Anonymous HIV testing in Dubai


I found some labs in Dubai that agreed to test for HIV without taking my I.D

However, I have concerns, and they are:

1) If they do not take my I.D, accept only cash, and do not give me any receipts, how do I know they will actually send the sample in for testing? What's stopping them from dumping my sample in the bin and giving me false negatives or something? I have nothing in my hand to hold them accountable, How can I trust their "results"?

2) Even if their results can be trusted, how can I be sure the authorities will not be notified? These labs assured me that the Health Authorities would not be notified, but how would that process work? They said that they don't test the samples themselves, but send them to other labs for testing, so if that's the case, how can they assure me that any positive result would not result in the health authorities being notified?

I look forward to hearing from you, I have been waiting anxiously for months, and just want peace of mind already.

Many thanks

As per my response to you in private message; reproducing it here so that others can benefit:

1) If its a decent accredited lab, there is not much worry about that. Besides it's not like you have a choice do you?

2) The process calls for a confirmatory test if the result is positive.  After this confirmatory test, the authorities have to be notified by law.  So how it works is that these labs tell you to come in for a confirmatory test which you then don't show up for.  Then you have a few months to put your affairs in order and leave the UAE without a ban - as the non follow up for confirmatory test takes time to make it to the MOH for them to call you.

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