Sputum exam connects in unclear xray

Good day, I'm here in uae since 2018, I started working in dubai, but my company visa is in abu dhabi. I'm hired from philippines so before coming to uae we do medical fitness and its all fine no issues.

But when my new company apply a dubai visa the result of xray is unclear so they called me for follow up.

I will do another xray on November 10, 2021

I will just ask if the sputum test negative what will happen?


Xtang i need your advice.

base from what i read from other forums, if its not TB related then its fine. its just a comfirmatory tests,. because the xray is unclear,. otherwise if its TB related then thats upto the immigration ,. also i think your not a new applicant visa?

Yes this is my 3rd renewal new company. I never had any problem with 2018 medical fitness and 2020 medical fitness with my previous company.

then i think thats not an issue,. you can use search to find out more about your case,. but as far as i know, this is not a big issue anymore,.. only for first time visa applicants,..

Yes thank you. Today i do the second sputum, and the 3rd will be on sunday

its all thanks to Xtang really, hes the one knowledgeable here,. is just that i have reed alot of his responses.

Also there is alot of article pertaining to medical issues which was already covered here in this forums,. just uses search.


Hi Goodthings, did you get your results?

@AAgirl not yet. I still have a follow up with the doctor on Wednesday november 10

Just saw the thread.   X-ray unclear could mean anything. 

It could literally be a bad x-ray i.e. it wasn't done properly.  Or alternatively, it could be something in the result that they want to get a confirmation on.

Sputum test is used to rule out active TB.  But it is not a deciding factor per se on whether to mark you as fit or unfit.  It is done as a matter of process.   If there are clear TB scars in your lungs (Evidence of past TB) and you are a new visa holder (i.e. haven't held a UAE residence visa in the last 6 months) then there is a high probability that you will be marked as unfit despite a negative sputum test.

So practically speaking, the real deciding factor will be the follow up X-ray that you will do.   Overall, I feel positive as they are doing BOTH sputum test and a second X-ray........that basically means that whatever you have, they are having trouble making up their mind.   Good luck!.

@xtang thank you.

I am residence for 3years and 3 months and im canceled may19 2021 so it is still 6 months window

I got my medical result today and it is fit-follow up and fit for 1 year. Thank you

One more thing can i still work with this fit follow up result?

I got the same result - "Fit -follow up" Fit for one year. This was after the blood re-test and three sputum tests on consecutive days at Muhaisna Block 7/10. Do you know exactly when is the follow up required to be done? Have they given you a date?

@XTang My wife also asked to do the follow-up at Al Muhaisnah, Block 7. Then they told her to go to Lab 10 to do the blood and sputum test (3 consecutive days). Its her first time residency visa and she had TB few years back (5 or 6 years). Should I be concerned?

Also, her residency visa permit is expiring on 20th August, today is 10th. I'm a bit worried 1f644.svg
Yes you should be a bit concerned but as it is a dependent visa, it should be ok.

I did my sputum test in Al Ain on August 10, 2022, but doctor say report come after 42 days. Is it true???

Varies.  Medically speaking, it can take anywhere from 1 to 8 weeks depending on the type of test, equipment etc.


hello. I'm requested to go to Muhaisnah to complete same test to get medical result.

I have coughs because I had sore throat and took antibiotics a week ago for it. I don't know what to expect tomorrow. The email didn't ask me to visit on any date or anything. I'm a new visa and here on work visa. Aid me please for what to expect.

As discussed above, they will probably repeat a test.

Hello my wife got fit follow up certificate so after that normally we apply for 1 year visa or is their any special thing to do while applying 1 year visa

Hi @Xang, Thanks for you wonderful help in this forum, I have got job here as Software professional and  This is my first time in dubai as worker and I keft a high paid job in my hometown. Here after joining few days( when I was waiting for Visa Stamping) I am requested for Medical retest. I am in the process of giving Blood Samples, 3 days Sputum and Skin test.  I have never had any medical treatment history even I hardly fall in Sick also I am a former athlete. Unfortunately, I am doing the medical retest, I am bit worried state now. I am not at all facing any symptoms of Active DB or anything, is there anything that I can hope for in the Process?

We have had multiple discussions on this topic.  Some examples below. 



In all probability, they saw a scar on the chest x-ray and want to rule out evidence of past TB.  Go through the process and hopefully it will work out.

After my 3days Sputum test, I got mail from my HR stating "The Visa is stamped and passport is ready to collect". With the help of God's grace,  I defied the odds. For those who are taking medical retests and if you don't have any medical history related to TB, then please don't panic unnecessarily and treat it like DHA seeking more clarity about the Xray suspicions and there are high possibility for getting the Visa stamped. Not all the cases are getting deported. I met 3 members during the medical retest because of some doubts in Xray and all are passed in medical fitness, Hence have a hope always.

Special thanks to @XTang for all of your expertised guidance and Support.

@Jayaveeraprasanth My case is similar to yours. I am an athlete and have no signs / symptoms of TB ever. In fact prior to my student visa application for UK I was required to take a TB test last year and I cleared that as well. However, I was called for a re-test at Muhaisnah where they collected a blood sample and have asked for 3x sputum samples. I have also taken the Quantiferon test basis @XTang's suggestion (however the results come in 7 working days).

Just praying all is well and I meet the same luck as yours!

how much time it takes for DHA to come back on test results. I am travelling to India on 20th Nov and my 3rd test is due on 16th Nov.

Will i be able to travel to India?

What if the scar is from a tb for about 16years later, and it is not active anymore and the sputum are all negative , is there any possibility to get a working visa in dubai??? Thanks in advance.

In medical retests specifically what blood tests they are doing?

What if the scar is from a tb for about 16years later, and it is not active anymore and the sputum are all negative , is there any possibility to get a working visa in dubai??? Thanks in advance.
-@Regine Umapas

As mentioned before, new visas to UAE require that you have NO scarring in the lungs on account of TB irrespective of timeline.

In medical retests specifically what blood tests they are doing?

Depends on what result they want to verify.   If they had an unclear HIV result but rest were fine, only HIV.  If the entire sample for all tests was contaminated due to not being stored properly, they will do all tests.

Xtang I need your help...my story is little long.hope you give ua opinion on this..

I was working in dubai from 2016 to 2018..in October 2018 I had a little cough and fever so I had been to nmc hospital where doctor told me to take a xray  and doctor had a doubt that it was tb scars in xray from which I ended doing sputum ctscan and broncoscopy post which my reports were normal..and I was bit concerned so I left dubai and flew back to India to have proper check in my hometown and everything came out fine in the tests..after that 2 months back I came in visit visa and got a job here..n now I was done with my  medical test in al garhoud and after 3 days I got follow up mail to visit 7 block in al muhaishna fitness centre where the doctor asked me weather I had tb in past as I had no tb history I told them the same and gave all my past nmc test reports and they told me to mail it to them after a day I got another mail saying I have to come back for a follow test where they took bloodtest and sputum test for 3 days..today I was done with my final sputum test and they told me to come again tomorrow as they have to give me injection test as they don't have injection stock today and asked to come again on Monday and post that I ll get my final result..so please @ xtang help me out on this if you have any update or information regarding this...

@Jayaveeraprasanth did you have ppd test??

@qwerty24 what's the update on u test?did u clear?

@XTang I am in husband visa. They said I should do sputum test . I would like to ask you that if my result is Tb positive, should I deport and will I get permanent ban

Not on dependent visa.  But you can never get a work visa.

@XTang they gave an injection but didn't mentioned it is skin test . Tomorrow I have to go for sputum test . Is that injection for skin test? And till now no change is there in that area

@XTang my mother living in UAE since last 2 years  on visit visa, but recently we changed her visa to residence visa and during the medical test they found scars on her lungs and they called her again for x-ray and blood test, which is done today, I want to know how much chances is that they deport her ?? she had a medical history of cancer and because of radiation therapy she got some minor scars in lungs.

@XTang, I will be applying for an expat dependent visa and I have TB scars 13 years old. Will I get a visa in case of negative sputum tests or there is a risk that they will reject? We are moving as a family with 2 kids.  I went through the same testing when was applying for the UK residency and got cleared. 

Dependent visa there is no issue.  Might have to follow a longer process as well as do follow ups for treatment once or twice a year.

Hi Xtang

“If there are clear TB scars in your lungs (Evidence of past TB) and you are a new visa holder (i.e. haven't held a UAE residence visa in the last 6 months) “

is this still applicable?

i cancelled my residence visa after 10 months to apply for work visa, but due to old tb scars i have been asked to do a followup, will i be considered as new visa or renewel?