Filipino here in UAE with old lung scar already got job offer

Hi goodam. I would like to ask for your help. I had minimal PTB last 2017 with NO SYMPTOMS at all and I took 6 months of medication. My acid fast bacilli sputum test are NEGATIVE. My GENExpert is also NEGATIVE/MTB NOT DETECTED. Also my SPUTUM CULTURE TEST is NEGATIVE/NO GROWTH.
I'm planning to go to Dubai this december to apply for a work. Please help me what to do regarding this matter. You're help is highly appreciated. Thank you in advance. God bless

It doesn't matter whether you have the disease or not right now.  For a new visa, what matters is whether you have an old TB scar in your lungs or not.  If you have a TB scar then your chances of getting a visa are risky - despite having no active symptoms.

Hello everyone reading this,
I also want to share my experience/wake up call story at the same time that I hope that will also motivate others.
I am also a victim of lung scarring since I had Pleural Effusion and TB back in 2013 and took a medication for 6 months and got cured.
So first of all I had no idea that dubai is very strict regarding this situation where people diagnosed with TB w/c caused lung scarring. Mid of this year I came here in dubai with visit visa for 3 months. I came here to find a better opportunity for my career.
Fast forward 2 months later I got an offer to work on a company, then everything went well they gave me the offer letter and others, I even started working with them after the day of my interview and was given a month trial to work with them before they will process my visa.. fast forward I was ask to have a medical examination for the processing of visa in Al Quoz MC on the last week of October  without any idea about their law regarding TB, lung scaring and others. All that I have in mind during that period is everything will be okay and that they are processing my visa. I also had my emirates ID processed, had those finger printing process and photo taken.
Then comes the day second week of November, our PRO called me and told me that they received a message from DHA that I am for a follow up for 2 consecutive days in Al Muhaisnah MC Block 7, I ask them the reason why are they calling me for a follow up, the PRO said that he has no idea and jokingly told me that they could have found something or that I might have HIV or other disease. Then after that I said okay then i'll go tomorrow.
After speaking to the PRO I went back to my desk then started searching on the web, this is how i typed in the google search ( second medical reexamination dubai) then came those results I got shocked with what I was reading then I came over the expat forum regarding the filipino who has lung scar and got job offer. Almost the whole afternoon I was reading about this issue and I cannot explain what I am feeling I became so week, I was very nervous, there were many thoughts coming to my mind, I even told my self this is it its OVER, I might as well get deported since I have read people with this condition being deported and on the other hand I feel kinda relieved also when I came over across the comments saying that they have overcome the process and got a visa. I was thinking to myself that maybe they saw my scar thats why they called me for a follow up. The whole afternoon of that day I recollected myself I took a reflection and thought of many things, then a wake up call came to me regarding my smoking (because since after a year of recovery from TB I occasionally smoke until I came here in Dubai). Right then I prayed to God, I made a promise that from now on I will not smoke I need to stop with this vice and take care more on my health. I prayed to God, hoping that everything will be turn up all right and that He will give me a chance to work here in Dubai for as long as I will not be smoking ever again. On the evening, All now that I have in mind is for me to change and that God will give a chance for this change that I made a promise to myself.
On the day of my follow up, I cannot explain my feelings, I don't feel that anxious at all it was like a typical day feeling, and I just silently pray to God that I hope everything will be okay. So when I arrived on Block 7 building I gave my papers and they ask us (with other expats also for follow up) to wear face masks (i dont know why maybe because for precautions, you know the reason why). There were like 10 of us on that time of the day so we were ask to line up to see the doctor and I was last in line, then one after the another they were entering the doctors room and since I am last in line I can notice that the visit with the doctor is fast it was like average 2 mins. per person, it was fast, then came my turn I went to see the doctor without any idea what he is going to say or do to me. The first thing that the doctor just ask me was that did I ever had any previous medical condition like PTB and I immediately said NO, and next question was he asked me if I had any cough before the medical examination I said no doc but I had chronic bronchitis and asthma a long time ago, and thats it thats all the doctor asked and then the nurse also spoke to me and told me that the reason why they called us for a follow up because the result of the x-ray wasnt that clear, and she told me that the PRO can collect the result 4 days after.
So basically after that they I was relieved I was thinking to myself that everything is now okay.
Then finally the day has come, I went to the PROs office and thankfully he said that my medical passed and was marked FIT and after that they have marked my Visa already and everything was all good.
So basically just by faith and a little bit of luck I got passed on my medical and now has the chance to work here in Dubai with a new resolution to take care even more on my health.

Hi I am currently facing the same situation today.
So here's what it is.

I was hired in my company last October 20. After a month, they have processed my visa.
November 28, 2019, the PRO asked me to go to Al Qouz mall and have my medical.
December 4, 2019, I have got a message from my PRO stating “You are kindly requested to attend Block # 7 at Al Muhaisnah Medical Fitness Center in 2working days for further follow-up, From 7:30 AM To 1:30 PM, Sunday to Thursday.”

I am a so nervous that time, I cant sleep at night thinking those things.

December 8, 2019, I went to muhaisnah to have my follow up. I entered the room and the doctor asked me if I had TB in my past. I said no and that is the reality. (Actually I had my Annual Physical Examination in the Philippines last March 2019 and the result was clear)
Next question, she asked me if I experience weight loss, cough, flu, I also said no.
I just told her that, I have experienced cough 1 week before my xray.

She then give me prescription to take 2 antibiotics in the morning and at night after meal for 1 week. (Cefuroxime and Clarithromycin, I bought it outside which cost me almost 200aed)
She also asked me to do sputum test for 3 consecutive days.
I went to muhaisnah, Dec. 8,9,10 to do the sputum test.
The doctor also told me that I need to do my xray again on December 22, 2019.

Now, I am currently taking my antibiotics and hopefully it will clear what they have found in my lungs.

My manager told me that before my xray in 22, we will have our second opinion from private hospital here in dubai, maybe on December 18.
When my xray in private hospital is ok then I will proceed with xray in muhaisnah on 22.

If my xray in 18 did not went well, I will not proceed to muhaisnah on 22. And my manager will ask the PRO to cancel my visa to avoid myself from permanently ban here in UAE.

I dont know what will happen next, but Im still hoping and praying for what is the best.

I will keep you updated on what will happen next!

Hi can I ask for an update? Where you able to passed the medical and got your working/residence visa? Thank you

Hi Xtang, permanently ban in uae is not allowed to enter at least a tourist Visa.

Hello, Just an update.
We went back to muhaisnah last December 25, the sputum test is negative- meaning no tb bactearia found but my xray result did not changed. They still see scars on it. They marked me unfit already.
I just wonder what is the purpose of Sputum test, if the result is positive they will send person home, if it is negative - they will also deport the person. Nonsense.

My PRO tried to contest and cancel my previous visa application to reapply for another but they did not allow it. Because the result is sent directly to the Immigration.
But the PRO did not sent me for eye scanning. I just dont know if there is a ban for this.
They booked me ticket going home. My flight will be on 14th.

Sadly, this is my dream but it turns out to nothing because of scars which i do not have before when i was on my home country.

To end this, if your applying for a new visa and they found out scars on your lungs, it will be very hard. Most probably they will sent you home. Just pray and pray, if things turn out to be negative just remember that God has a better plan for us, maybe not just here in UAE

Hi Xtang, they marked me unfit already and they will sent me home. I did not go the eye scanning process. Do you think I am banned here in UAE?

Yes you are banned unfortunately.

Hi. I'm a tourist visa here in Dubai since January and had past TB. I just would like to ask for advice because I have job offer. But before I take it I want first to have my personal X-ray here in some clinics.
If I will have my personal X-ray and if it will come out as TB SCARS will the clinic inform the MOH of Dubai and will they give me notice and will banned me directly?
Or it will just happen if I will take the job offer and apply for visa? Please I need your help.

By law the clinics are supposed to report such cases.  But on a tourist visa, this is not going to lead to a ban.

But if you do it on a work visa then yes, it will.

Thank you, XTang for the help. Do you or somebody here knows clinic/s here in Dubai that doesn't report such TB scars on DHA? Because I want to have first personal X-ray because accepting my job offer. Thank you.

supposedly, I was about to do also the personal xray before I do the employment medical xray.
However, private clinics are requiring me to give them my personal details like passport number.
I believe the system each private clinic is using is connected to the system used by the MOH and all reports were reflected in the MOH also.

They will take proof of identity for sure.  However, even if the result is positive, that won't matter.  They don't deport people on tourist visas for this.  As by the time, it has reached MOH, you would have left.

Hi everyone! I'm Marron and I have a lung scar, negative with TB but still labeled as UNFIT. It's so crazy! I am a marathoner, which meant I ran 42km in less than 6 hours, I am an obstacle course racer as well, but still got deported by UAE. All I can say is that UAE has a flawed TB screening policy. Their system is funny. I wrote a blog about it and this is to tell everyone that UAE will never break me. Lol, could have been a nice country, but still, their basis on deporting people just because of a lung scar is funny as hell.


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@RedTrumpet, that's a very rare case sir, but im not saying it is not possible.

But for me, who experienced to be deported and permanently banned due to lung scar (which I do not have before and I havent experienced also to have TB), it is very hard to take risk.

We're not preventing people to do the medical if they have lung scar. We are just stating the worst possible scenario that may happen.
But still, the decisions whether they want to try or not will solely be dependent upon the person.
Let them decide, we can't do nothing but to advise.

Yes, the point is not that you will pass or fail but what can happen in either case.  In this whole thread, there are dozens of posts about people who were deported due to TB scars and a few, who managed to get a visa.  There are always exceptions e.g. x-ray scarring is not that evident, radiologist error, old visa (no issue with TB scars) etc.   

The point is that if you think you may have TB scars and are not sure, it is better to get a check up done while you are on visit visa (as you won't get banned).  Because if you do it on a work visa and something bad happens, you won't be able to do anything about it later on.  That is all I was saying and so was Lawrence.

Hi everyone,

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Hello whats the update to your medical?


Hi sir i want to ask if what do you mean by get check up done while on visit visa? Do you mean that we should get a check up of xray while in UAE country?


Yes before the official medical but only really necessary if you suspect there might be some problem with you.  For peace of mind.

I just want to share my experience here. I've been diagnosed with minimal ptb year 2001 and was immediately given treatment after that I was given clearance to work in the phils. Everytime I do medical they would always see scar in my lungs and after I tell them Ive been treated then i will be cleared.Fast forward when I came to Dubai I was hesitant bcoz I know that Dubai os strict with lung scar. Then I was hired in a freezone company.I went to medical in knowledge village..after 7 days I receive the msg from my boss that I need to do retest in Muhaisnah..I was very anxious because I know that the scar they saw was from my ptb before.Then here comes the day I went to Block 7 talk to the doctor and did all the test from blood test to sputum sample and mantoux test..I went there 3 daya for the collextion of my sputum..1 day after my mantoux test showed negative result bcoz there was no induration so I know that it was negative..I was confident that I will get a fit result so I was feeling okay.Then here comes 1 day b4 my result came out I talked to a friend whom I told I was retested. And then she said oh my God thats the same situation I ahd with my cousin..his retest were all negative but then he was still unfit.After that I felt like I need to pack my things already because soon I will be deported.Then came the day of result collextion.Going there at DHA i didnt know what I waa feelibg.It feela like I wanna vomit and pooohh..I went straight to room 1. I waited because there was this guy ahead of me..after that it was my turn he scanned my receipt and then said to me your sxhedule is still tomorrow..But then he said its okay the result is already available. "No worries youre okay."This is the exact word he said that I felt like I wanna jump amd scream! And then I ask him ok as in fit?and then he said YES! And then he gave me the FIT result..and then he said give thois to you PRO so you can now proceed with visa processing..I just want to share my ezperience ao you guys could have inspiration and motivation to strive and have faith in God all the time because miracles do work of you believe in Him...

Hi does anyone here knows Clinic that I can have my personal X-ray without prescription from the doctor? Thank you

Hi Liz, do you have direct relative in Dubai?

Hello, Any update please? I also have the same situation.

Hi. Did my personal x-ray before my medical application for residence visa here and it states
"Fibrocalcific lesions left apex suggestive of old healed granulomatous lesions"
I don't know if the DHA/MOH will consider it or it will turn me for deportation. I'm so confused 😔 can somebody help me?

Hi Mae, old/healed granulomatous infection is suggestive of tb scar.

Xtang do you have idea what if the first degree relative of a UAE resident is applying on first time work/residence visa? And she/he have lung scar, is he/she will be granted a resident/work visa? Thanks

They don't have a concept of first degree relative.  What counts is only your spouse and children - if they have a scar, residence visa (not work) can be granted on compassionate basis.  Anyone else is out of luck.

Hi, I read through this forum regarding medical follow up. I just had my medical earlier today, and just right after I got out the building, I got a text message that I need to visit Al muhaisnah for a follow up. I am so confused right now since I never had this issue before. I am assuming that they need at least a couple of days to check on my results. But they asked me for a follow up in under 30minutes! This is driving me insane. Please anyone advice 😣

It is an automated message sent when the results or conclusion is uploaded.   Don't overthink it

I hope this is the case. So, I should just ignore it and not visit the centre?

Of course you have to go for a retest.  I meant don't read too much into timing of the message.

Hi Guys, So my medical result came out today and it says “FIT” I also have a scar in my lungs tho i never had tb. So for everyone who's reading this who also has the same condition with me, Don't lose hope. God is in control. Don't overthink and always remember that god has plans for you :)

No problem and be sure you re going make your visa  they not say anything. No worry
Go and answer when you ok 👍🏻

Keep in mind that with the recovered Covid-19 patients, there are scars in the lungs.  So if any of you go through that, make sure to keep your hospital discharge papers safe.  And I anticipate some relaxation for non TB scars in the years to come - just because of this Covid outbreak.

Hi. I just want to ask if what would happen to me if I will accept my job offer now and my medical exam would be UNFIT. How will I be deported in this current situation? When there's no available flights to go home in my country. Thank you in advance for the response.

You just won't get the visa and won't be able to work. And will be deported whenever flights open.

What is your medical status?