my saudi council renewal is rejected

Hi maam im a nurse here in saudi arabia for 6 years and i had to stop for 3 years because i became a mommy  and became dependent of my husband can i still renew my license even if im still looking for an employer thank you....

.. i think they will require you to take another prometric exam because of the time gap...

Waht are the requirements for the prometric exam thank you

Hi can I renew my saudi card if my iqama expired?

Can I renew my MOH saudi card if my iqama expired??

Can I renew my MOH saudi card if my iqama expired??

Hello i have concern with my application in saudi council because they rejected my application and send an email that my submitted experience does not match the submission requirements.. the i apply again for the application and upload may professional license in the philippines..and another 200 sr for that 😔
I already have prometric exam and finish data flow..what will i do?pls help me..thankyou


What was the specific reason why your application was rejected? Mine was rejected too, but the reason was I need to dataflow my Saudi coe.

can you share your documents and user name and password for Mumaris Plus??
I am a liaison officer in saudi commission for medical facilities to process accreditation and classification

ahmed kamal

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what happened to your case now?

Anyone knows about Saudi Engineering Counsel. How to get registered there? What are the requirements to get registered as an Engineer?
Thanks a lot.

The reason is the submitted experience does nor match to the submission requirements..

Did you data flow ur coe?coe from your country or here in saudi?

My application tejected twice..sAme problem and reason..the submitted experience does not match the submission requirements

I already upload my saudi coe..from my first and 2nd application still rejected

My submitted experience does not match the submission requirements..that’ s the reason..

How about your saudi council?is it ok now?

hi maam do i need to do dataflow again because in my dataflow report it says that because it is a new applicant my scfhs it puts n/a do i need to do dataflow again because i will renew my scfhs this nov2019...thank u for the response. godbless salamat po sa reply...

If needed any help doing Dataflow, knock me.

I was just wondering I have applied for the renewal of my saudi council. Already done before and it was successful. Now its about to expire again, so again I applied. A lot of people here stating it was rejected, when you say rejected, there's really notification or it says in mumaris plus that you're application is rejected? Mine was returned and they ask for me to upload some docs and so I did.. I Stil have chance right?

So you paid twice already? Do they put application rejected in your mumaris plus?

Would you like to check me your request? I am Saudi commission incharge in my corporate company .

Hello dataserve

I have private message to you concerning my situation and hope you can help me..Thanks

If there is any scope to work and to solve, of course I am ready to help you
You can share your credentials for further proceedings

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Ok Thank you for your willingness to help. But let me know if your connected to Saudi Council i mean youre working there? I’ll send my docs in whatsapp ok for you to check my docs.

Hi good day! Can I ask you regarding re-registration of schf. Do I have to dataflow my past saudi coe to be able to renew my licence? I have already dataflow for my prc, school and Coe from Philippines. Thank you

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