my saudi council renewal is rejected

Its like if they are nit license in the Philippines but have experience and worked in KSA and obtained a Saudi Council license for Ursing Asst only bcoz its not required PRC before but now i think they have new rules and you should have at PRC license as RN. Once you applied for that position. All i know without license accepted was Health care assistant...Bcoz thats our problem also here in our Hospital in KSA...

believe me Zheanne, my co worker is underboard so she take health care assistant/ nursing assistant, its ok she renewd her license, the other one is also underboard but her license category is nurse technician, they question her and they found it that she also fake her coe, they jailed her in almost 7 months. now she's in the Philippines. her case is already close but she can not work in ksa anymore as nurse, if she will apply for another job then she can still work in ksa but not as s nurse anymore.

Hi mam, thank you so much for the information . It is a big help for us. When she renewed her license? As far as I know. They are strict in a government hospital when regards in license.  I will send u a msg. Thanks a lot

last year, 2yrs validity

Good day. After paying to sadad  for card renewal , how long before u get the card?

Hello.. after paying the renewal fee to sadad, how long before you get the card?

license card is automatically printed, its just a paper. i renewd last october and no card given...

FYI, if you have any negative records resulting to deportation, you cannot enter again here in KSA, immigration has records and they always monitor persons entering the kingdom, whether 2, 5 or more years past.

Please dont try deceiving saudi govt, they actually call our schools regarding our creditials..or any, to verify if the docs we submitted are authentic. Based on my friends experienced who is also working here in the kingdom.

@ ericaferl,

You can take your original card from Saudi Council, with the help of your liaison officer from the office of Saudi Council because it is part of your payment. However if you will request for another one once it is issued there is a corresponding fee.

Hi. I am new in this forum. I was rejected by saudo council regarding my request of renewal of license. My license got expired last Feb. 2018. I exited the Kingdom last 2017, now I have a new employer and currently working as a nurse. As one of the requirements I need to renew my license but sadly it was rejected. What will I do regarding this matter? Do I need to do another dataflow? I have dataflow but it was only the PRC that was been posted. Are they requiring another documents to be verified? I have a working gap of approximately 10mos before returning to Saudi. Is there any suggestions you can give me regarding my case? Thank you

Can it be possible to cancel that rejected request and resubmit again? Or they have a record of that even if you cancel

Once rejected u can resubmit but much better to do resubmit by hardcopies in saudi council office so that u will know also
The reason for rejection

I was rejected at first but tried to submit my request of renewal again yesterday. Now, it was been approved and got my license renewed without going to saudi council office. Hassle free 😊 But I don't know how to claim the card, any idea? Thanks


I would like ask any advice if it could be a big problem if you have long years working Gap? Even i started to work in Saudi for the past 5 years straight? Now thats the reason why my papers are pendig. But all License and datafloow were all POSITIVE including Prometric. Pls help how can i get a saudi coiuncil License.

Can somebody advice me how to renew Prometric Cert? I took exam in the Phils 2016 ang it will expired this April 2019..
Thank you for your conments

Hi. Perhaps you can help me.. I am a returning expat with a new employer. They required me to get an appointment. I just want to ask how much is the renewal fee? And how long does it take before i receive the new card? Thank u.

Hi I am from the uk and in Saudi and my application has gone to a 'special team' for review.

I have my degree attested from the uk Foriegn office and from the cultural embassy in the uk.

Does anyone know what this special team is and will I be accepted and also when I put in my application it did not mention number of years of experience

What was the reason for the 2 times rejection?? What's the difference did you make for applying for the 3rd time?

Mine was rejected because of my year gap. Will they ever accept a year gap if i booked an appointment and go to scfhs personally?

Thats my problem also my year Gap. The HR already go to their office for the 3rd time and now just waiting 4 months already but no reply from the Saudi council. No email and message sent to me regarding my application. I dont what happen.

Hi! I recently came back here in Saudi and my saudi council card is expired. I applied for card renewal twice using my passport since I still don't have iqama because our hospital required me to submit renewed saudi council card as a requirement to process my iqama. Unfortunately, two attempts were rejected. Do you have any suggestion or recommendation what to do next please? I am hoping for your reply,thank you.

Well whatever the reason for rejection pls book an appointment to the nearest saudi council and bring all ur documents

Prometric is not renewable. It is valid for certain time.

No validity as far as i know

Hi pingu

Do you know why my application has gone to a special team for review? I was told from Saudi council in dammam it's gone for Riyadh for review from a special team.

I got my degree from the uk and stamped by the uk Foriegn office and attested by Saudi cultural office in the uk. They have told me to wait between 1-3 months what do you think is going on?

ericaferl wrote:

my application rejected twice, i resubmit all the necessary requirements. for my 3rd application they approved already. now i have my new license

Hi! How much time you waited before you submitted your application for the second and third time renewal after the 1st one was rejected?

This is my first time I have sent my application and it hasn't been rejected they have told me it's gone to a special team and they wills decide if it's accepted or rejected.

I have been waiting since 5th November 2018 what would you say ?

Have you got a whatsapp number and you can tell me?

My friend's like that too... What did you do? Booked an appointment just inquire for it.

They told me to wait and that's it. They did say I can go to the Saudi council but it won't help me with the wait so just waiting now

After 1 week sister..for you how long you waited before you sent your next application?

And what is the reason why your application was rejected?..for me,the reason was I still dont have iqama so I uploaded passport..they didn't accept it

Same case with me even i submitted my reciept of dataflow :( what we will do?

Hi! I didn't really know how data flow works since it's my first time to work outside my country... I thought it was just a requirement before getting license here, which I already did. Now 3 years later and I have to renew my saudi council license and it requires PSV report. However, when I opened my profile it only shows completed but unable to share report due to issuing authority restriction. When I tried to contact dataflow group, they advised me to contact scfhs regarding this matter. When I inquired through tawasul, they said that I should contact dataflow group for my report. I already set an appointment in scfhs office here in our city. My license will expire on jan 3 and it is also the closest day that I am available for an appointment so I set it on that day. I just want to ask if anyone had gone through the same procedure and did the scfhs provided the result. Can you tell me what to expect please.

Pahelp lng po. My saudi council card got rejected because of failure to comply on 180 day renewal period. Kelangan ko po bang magresubmit ng complete documents like yung first registration ko before the first time i came to this country? Or do i just submit documents that was requested on mumaris? Thank you.

Hi everyone!Just to inquire.My technician saudi council license expired already more than 2yrs.And I already applied for classification and registration of my saudi council license card renewal  from technician to specialist last week.Submitted all the hard copy of my documents in saudi council office.Already paid the 240sr sadad bills.How many days the card will be released?Please I need urgent response..Thanks!

Mam how many days marelease yung card after application for renewal?

Hi! Anyone here who has dataflow result written as "completed but unable to share" or knows someone who has the same problem as me? My saudi council license will be expiring very soon and I need a copy of my result/PSV. The dataflow and scfhs online keep on referring me one another when I sent request for it and clarification so I'll be going to scfhs office personally to inquire again, can anyone tell me po what to expect, whether if I can retrieve the result or not or if I can appeal for reverification or reprocessing ba or not.


Please help. My saudi council renewal was rejected. They ask me to send my diploma in college for dataflow. But after I sent my diploma, the saudi coucil said there was only misunderstanding. No need to send my diploma. Do I need to apply again for renewal? Because they did not confirm or send any email if it was renewed already. Thank you!