How to get 1st Iqama for your Family- Latest procedure 2017

Updated 2017-01-27 11:51

Hi Guys,

Today i got Iqama for my wife. I am sharing my experience, it may help you if you are going to apply for first Iqama for your family.

Documents Requirements:

1-IQama Form. Can get online and filled it with help of Arabic friend. Attached 02 pics of your wife and get it stamped one of them from your company. There is also other place on form where you need company stamp in front of your Details. (as a sponsor). Put your details as a sponsor not company as your will be Kafeel of your family. Pics in white back ground.

2- Family Passport Copy. ( Take original passport also)

3-Family Visa page copy

4-Your Iqama copy. (Take Original also)

5-Medical Clearance copy (Take original also)

Location for Riyadh:

I was told to go in Jawazat office on King Fahad Road. But they are not issuing Iqamas, they refereed me to go in Azizia Branch. This branch is located in side of Saptaco Bus Station. You need to go there and show your documents, with in 05 minutes they will issue IQAMA. Check details on iqama, it anything wrong you can ask them to print again with correction


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