SCE: Yaqeen updated but Jawazat is not


Here's my case, my previous company was the one who registered my SCE account (December 2019) as a temporary membership. Then August 2020 I transferred to new company, when I tried to renew my SCE in Decemeber 2020, I got rejected 4x when I tried to upload my educational credentials thru online, so last February 2021 I decided to go to SCE Jeddah office and there I successfully renewed my SCE membership promptly with the same documents that I uploaded online. My yaqueen is verified same day that my SCE renewed, but Jawazat is not, still 2019.

When my current company tried to renew my iqama, my boss called me and said that to renew my iqama the Jawzat in SCE must be verified. Can anyone know how to solve or have the same case like mine? btw when I tried also to click update Jawazat under electronic services on my SCE online account , there's no add request button :( .. any help is much appreciated.

Yaqeen is verified  but still my jawazat is not updated why not updated  and how many days to update any body  knows pls let me know  because I'm in critical situation so please  tell any body