Travel ban by MOI (Absher) due to unpaid loans

Hello sir,

I took a loan of 20000 by tamam app, and paying installments on time, i was in india on vacation and and due to some reason i came after 4 months. Unfortunately tamam loan app was not open in india and i missed three consecutive installments. Now i came back to saudia arabia after vacation, during these period loan company file a case against me. After coming back i pay 4 installments in a week, but yesterday i receive a message of travel ban from MOI.

Please advice how can it will be liftup from my iqama and how many times it will take. I will pay my loan amount with in 4-6 months.

Please advice for liftup of travel ban.

from my knowledge. If they reported to pay the full amount then you will still banned to travel off Saudi Arabia until you cover the whole loan otherwise, if they reported the late payment amount that I understand you covred it then you can contact them for clearances so they end the banned from your igama.

@Sami Aldosary

brother they reported to pay the full amount when i talk to the customer support he was saying that i will inform to our legal advisor to remove the case. However i will pay my full amount that is around 17000 till dec-jan.

After paying of full amount how many times it will take to remove from travel ban. Please advise

Don't worry.

What you need to do now is to see your agreement with Tamam. If you miss some payments what are the consequences? some companies when you fail to make 3 payments they ask you to pay the entire remaining amount.

This's a press statement from an advisor at the Ministry of Justice that says " The travel ban remains in effect until the debt is repaid or a settlement agreement is reached between you and the creditor".

Anyway, as long as you're paying when you finish all the remaining instalments, you contact Riyadh Enforcement Court to lift the ban and you DO NOT NEED A LAWYER TO DO THIS.

@shafaataamir Nothing to worry this BAN is for travelling that you can not leave kingdom.

To clear it urgently you need to visit collection department for loan provider.

discuss with them they will tell you due to 3 months consecutive non payments you are defaulter, so you have to pay all now. after some discussion you can reschedule the paymnet.

second is to go to SAMAH and show them you have cleared all till date payment they will send the updates to your loan provider to take the case back.

third if you do not have any urgency to go back and as you said 3 to 4 month you will pay then keep paying as normally u do and after last payment ask for clearance certificate then this ban will be remove automatically


brother how can i contact to riyadh enforcement court, can i contact online or loan company will contact. Please advice


Thank you so much brother

@shafaataamir hi did u solve ur issue? If yes please guide me I have travel ban as well and I want to lift up this

@Imran Mohammad23 brother, still 50% amount are remaininig and i will pay my balance amount till feb, after that issue can resolved, also simah hold my sabb bank account for 50% that i can use my 50% money and rest are balance in bank account, i am not able to transfer the amount any where, my credit card bill also in negative due to this issue

@Imran Mohammad23  did you paid your all amount ?

@shafaataamir @shafaataamir

how did u settle that? Where did u go? To the bank? Do u have recived msg from MOJ to pay all the balanced? And your travel ban will be lift up after u completed all the payment? I have same problem. I already paid to the bank but still the balanced not cleared from my account. I've paid full amount. from yr experienced how long u think the travel ban will be vanished from the systm after u completed the paymnt?

How did u contact tamam? I tried how many time its really hard to contacted them..! Because i think i pay more than i've borrowed. Tomorrow i will follow up with my bank ( alrajhi ) how they will cleared the balanced that i paid. And from ministry of justice as well. Im in jeddah its really hard to get to talk with their agent.

@Cikminah IN MOJ still showing full amount to pay, but i pay 50% of total amount and rest will be paid with in 2-3 months, my account is hold by Simah, i can not transfer my money to anyone from bank. Do you get the clearance certificate after paying of full amount. when you paid full amount

I am stuck in Saudi Arabia as i have one case registered due to that my travelling is ban in absher , one month before makkah police officer called me to come at station i went there they informed me someone took SIM on my name and did fraud of some 1500 riyal as I heard I informed them its not my mistake even i don't know about this why should I will do fraud from my own name sim card.

they agreed and told me to wait as they are doing investigation now its 1 month still case is not solved

I want to go back my country india but travelling is restricted can anyone help me from this.

my company not supporting me as its out of there scope also my iqama expired on 20 nov

pls pls pls someone help me to go back my country as I don't know the arbic as well

@imran khan65

ohh, your issue is resolved?

@shafaataamir If you pay all the amount how many days will removed go travel ban?

@shafaataamir hello can i ask if i pay all already my balance how many days well removed from travel ban?

@Imran Mohammad23 how you have lifted your travel ban?

@shafaataamir hello can i ask if i pay all already my balance how many days well removed from travel ban?
-@Jhayz Channel TV

Hi Jay! Can you please advise your number?

@omarasmad  hi any update on how to lift up the travel ban

@shafaataamir hi did u find a way to fix ur travel ban??? how maby days to process it?

@em040104 I just paid the due amount on my CC and had an agreement with Al Rahji representative to transfer my salary from SABB to Al Rahji and He promised to withdraw my case and lift my travel Ban. It will take 1 week. He just stared the process today. I will update you by next week.

@em040104 What is the update on your issue?

@Jhayz Channel TV Generally it will be removed within 5-7 working days. In my case last weeek i paid all dues, now they are saying it is on processing.

@em040104 Last week i paid my remaining instalments, may be with in this week it will be removed. In Sha Allah

@shafaataamir hi. How u will know that they lifted your travel ban?

@melzkie26 yesterday i got the message from MOJ, as they settled my loan. And today ban has been liftup from my iqama

@shafaataamir oh great it takes a week to lift your travel ban.

@melzkie26 yes, it took around 4-5 working day

@shafaataamir thanks for the info.

@shafaataamir How do you pay if your bank account is frozen?

@shafaataamir I have the same Issue. I talked to their collection agency and agreed to pay in terms. But my bank account is frozen. They said to pay from another account but we all know you cannot open a new account if SAMA blocks you. How can you pay if you have no access to your account?

@TamamVictim as far as I know, they will give you another option like sadad that under ur name and you can pay with ur friends bank account.

@TamamVictim by friends account

@TamamVictim i suffered for 6  month regarding this, now all amount has been by friend account then it cleared

What happens when a travel ban is placed on your old Iqama when you are outside the kingdom on final exit.

When your arrive back on a new work visa, will you be arrested at the airport? If arrested, will you be deported or will you be allowed to clear your case and freed.

@wellingtoneowiye3 they will not arrest you, may be travel ban shall be imposed on new iqama.

@Imran Mohammad23

I solved mine….what i did is i paid full amount of loan and logged in on najiz and wait for 3 to 5 days to lift the ban but still need to pay the judicial cost of 500sr

@shafaataamir you need to open your account in najiz and put your case number.Your travel ban will not be lifted if you didnt pay the full amount.Even you go to the court they will just advised you to fix it online but after you pay the exact amount wait for 3 to 5 days then you will receive message that travel banned has been lifted but need to pay 500sr for judicial cost

@Cikminah just open najiz and put your case number and you will see the process of it.