Hi everyone! Good day!
I really need your help. I am currently in Hail, Saudi Arabia.
Does anyone here know what really are the requirements to get married? I am a revert Muslim and my fiancé is an Egyptian and is a Muslim.
Your response will be greatly appreciated!

Hi? Im in same situation as you. I'm currenly based in ABHA. As far as I know your Fiance the egyptian man can go to court and ask what are the procedures we have to do after obtaining our revert islam certificate. If he can ask the court it will be good inshalah

Hi. Apparently the Ministry of Justice requires online application now through their site. Thank God everything is fine now and we are just waiting for them to send the schedule. Thank you. 😊

Sis how did you do it?
we are just waiting for my Shahada certificate and proceed to the court but im actually confiused of what to do at first

Hi. I sent you a message.

Did you directly to the Ministry of Justice and showed to them your Certificate that you are now a revert muslim? So we actually dont have to change our iqama? Thank you and Alhumdillah congrats sis

i want to marry the Philippine  girl what should i do for that

How did u do that?? Coz i have Boyfriend Morrocan and he said he will marry me, but i am muslim??

The procedure is quite simple.
For the reverts/converts, first thing is to get your Shahadah certificate from civic department (Ahwal Al-Madani).
The Female need a consent from her father or elder brother if physically not available. If one of them are physically available you don't need any document.
The male needs two witnesses to be accompanied.
Just walk in to the civil court, if you can get an advance appointment, it better but most of the time not needed.
The Nikah administrator will record the information of the couple and witnesses on a form.
Will recite the Nikah sermon, seek approval from both of the couple, record the statements. That's it.
After an hour or so, you will receive your marriage certificate.

Go and start your new life.

Hi! Is it needed to convert in islam if you are christian and will be marrying a muslim guy?

Hello may know what are the requirements. Thank u

Hi. What are the requirements? Please reply.

How to do online po, can you tell me also po

Hi good day,
I just want to ask if what are the requirements for us to be married in the court, my boyfriend is muslim and me is christian..thank you in advance


You need 2 wetness and original birth certificates both and original iqama both and passport copy 2 both off you and 2 picture both of you

Last 2 weeks we get married allrady same issue us before

Hi how are you doing what is the requirements of marriage with philipna

i just want to ask if possible to marry an Egyptian man who is muslim and i am not muslim?

Go to your embassy and get married

Salam can i know where you get married.. And the one process for your marriage in mehkama..

jaezelle17 wrote:

i just want to ask if possible to marry an Egyptian man who is muslim and i am not muslim?

Yes it is possible, Muslim Men can marry Christian women (AHL-E-KITAB) in islamic law, if marriage is conducted by islamic rules and laws.


You may ask your HR what is the requirements to get married, and ask your your fiance to coordinate with your HR. Initially, your HR will ask both of your Passport and Iqma copy, your certificate in Islam and they will issue a letter of No Objection to get married.

Good Luck

Are you a Filipino Kuya..


Salam to all..
I want ask if anyone knows go to civil court for wedding if can fill up the form needed by manual not in online.. Or anyone can help the process of married Filipina girl and Bahraini man

If you are planning on getting married here in Saudi's Ministry of Justice then you need to provide a certificate of your reversion to Islam.
If you plan on marrying outside Saudi like Philippines in your respective city halls then I don't think it is necessary for you to revert.

I think the new process of Ministry of Justice requires everything to go through online because of Covid.
Just visit their site and from there you can fill up the forms.

i want to know also procedure of marry with Philippine girl, if anyone knows just msg me

I want to get married too, but my iqama is in married  status while I'm 100% single never been married. Can anyone help me?

Online marriage registration details below:
Register yours and the person whom you are going to marry,They will give you the date and time and inshallah if Allah wills your work will be done easily, Just follow the below link
Google key word: Saudi Zawaj-E-Marriage
Or … ATESxvQ!!/

Hello, can i ask on how to apply for marriage in saudi court thru online bcos im a revert muslim and my fiancé is a muslim.. please help us..

Sis can you send me the link on how to apply bcos my fiance said we need the link to testify that i dont have any muslim relatives here in saudi

The girl need to convert as well???

How long it will take to wait after submitting all of the requirements to get married po thanks for ur answer.

@rizwanaliuia it's impossible if via online to get married?

Hi miss grizzly..
Can I ask what the requirements of marrying an Egyptian man..I'm a Christian

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