Yellow Slip activation on MOFA website

Dear friends  Asalam o Alaiqum

Alhamdulillah, i got the Yellow Slip from Istiqdam on 05.02.2020 & immediately i sent it to home country for stamping. After successful medical of family & other documents arrangement when they went to Etimaad Office (Agency for KSA visa stamping), they said the yellow slip is valid but it is not showing online on MOFA website ( so until it is shown online visa stamping can not be done.

By today 14 days have passed (including the weekends) since i got the yellow slip & on MOFA website it is still not showing online. I am contineously calling on MOFA registered numbers but no one is picking the call after operator forwards my call. When i check my Absher, it is showing details of Yellow Slip and my family details with their border numbers and status of visa is valid.

I am much frustrated in this situation. Please suggest what should i do? In how many days will  the status of yellow slip appear on MOFA website?

usually is only one week.. Im at same process here.. I got the yellow slip, my absher showed me the status valid.. MY family will apply next week. I hope any delay happened.

Dear Brother thanks for reply

Your status on MOFA website is showing or not?

I checked at absher and the status is valid.. at MOFA site I didnt check.

I just checked and is not showing me nothing..


لم يتم العثور على اي نتائج، يرجى التاكد من البيانات المدخلة

Said to check my informations..

Thats exactly the problem which is what i am also facing. Your visa will only be stamped once it is activated on MOFA site.

THats what i need to confirm that in how many days will the status of yellow slip be activated online on MOFA website?

My GRO said usually is one week. In my case will complete next sunday. But at your already passed. Maybe is better you go to Istiqdam again and ask.

Dear Brothers,
I have got the yellow slip on 4th of Jan, 2020. My family went to Eitmad Office Lahore today and have got info that Mofa website is not showing Family Visa info since few days. They have told them to check in couple of days and if the error fixed, then only they will start the process, so its nothing like with an individual but to all looking for to get visa stamped for their families.

So hope for the best....

I hope this issue will be fixed soon.

i am facing  same issue , itemad center in peshawar told that make visa online on mofa then come.

If you download the MOFA app, (Android) here its showing the status but not on website.

Jazaka Allah brother , i check on MOFA app their details is coming that visa issued from MOFA , but on website not showing , etimad center also checking on website , are they accept if we show them in app ?

I have not idea what their criteria to start the process. My family will go on 27th Feb. shall let you know the outcome of that visit. in sha Allah.

As this is my first time doing it.. I have a small question. I got the yellow slip from istiqdam. I didnt went to MOFA. The agency which is doing my family visa just request my iqama copy and yellow slip.. Should I do something at MOFA?

its 2nd time for me but I never tried with any agency but did myself instead. So again cannot answer your question but I guess since you have got yellow slip so nothing to do with mofa now.

you can also see your family visa details by following the below path.

As im doing by agency I dont know yet the visa number.. Anyhow, thanks for your information

Visa No. is top left side of your yellow slip. (raqm al sadar) in arabic.

I checked at MOFA online with this number and said no content found. Probably they still didnt apply.

Dear Brother , today my family visit etimad center again and they show them that visa is issue from MOFA on APP (MOFA APP), but they say that its not showing in their system

Im also facing same issue my yellow letter was issued on 30 Jan 2020, but still not updated on MOFA

I have also emailed MOFA today at [email protected]  with my visa number to see if they can resolve this problem.

I just checked MOFA APP and Its showing the visa of my family, but by website still not working.

what MOFA email did you use?

[email protected] , it is given in MOFA mobile application.   Also we should all try to call them or meet them to put some pressure and create awareness that so many people are facing this problem.

Does anyone know the fee to pay at Etimad Office LHR for Family Permanent Visa? Do we have to pay for the insurance at Etimad as well if it is a resident visa?

I paid 2000sar by online bank.

Yes, one have to pay at Eitmad, its shown on the appointment page but they will charge much more by including this and that... for example, I have paid Rs. 35000 for one year multiple visit visa while on the booking page mentioned fee was Rs.19700. When asked why they said we have added insurance fee and vaccination fee.
Moreover if you go without appointment, they will charge you around 6000 more per passport than the appointment day.

Thank you for the info. Is the issue of website solved?
has anyone sent their family to eitmad office again?

Yes bro. issued is solved as they started taking applications even MOFA SITE is not showing the status but  a new more serious issue started, "Corona".
They refused the visa stamping from today until the next advise from MOFA due to Corona. My family came out unsuccessful today from Lahore Eitmad.

it is really disappointing, when Etimad starts accepting our application KSA  suspends   travel. However, what I heard was that travel suspension was for visit visas only , but our applications are for permanent family visa (iqama)?

They have only stopped Umrah and Tourist Visa. There shouldn't be any issue with the resident visa.
I'm really worried now. I have an appointment at Istaqdam office on Sunday.
I don't know how long it will take to get my family here.

My family is coming from Brazil .. I hope they didn't cancel it ..

i applied online , so i didnt get any yellow slip from MOI, now in etiamd center they ask for that yellow slip because my visa still not come on MOFA website, what paper should i print from Absher and show them ?

so just to be sure, did anyone's application got accepted at Etimad Pakistan with yellow letter (without MOFA website) ?

Official news on visa .. please check below link . Only visit n umrah visas are on hold. … sa-holders

So please try your best for visa process.

Guys need some information regarding etimad online appointment..
1. Do I have to select Residence Visa for Family perminent visa?
2. Which option do i need to select in Number of Entries?
3. What is Invitation or preapproval number?

@abumusa46, I believe you are applying multiple visit visa for your family? is that why the application was refused due to the ban imposed by Saudi government on visit and umrah visa?

because I have permanent family visa soon to be submitted to etimad on 4 or 5 march at lahore, I am confused if they will even accept the application.

Guys any update from anyone for Etimad office family visa stamping?

Also Im applying for 1 year family visit visa for my mother, the official fees in etimad Pakistan is shown 13000 for visa plus  3400 for Enjaz and medical, plus 4600 for normal visa service fees, so total should be around 21000. However, there some person saying that total cost would be around 40 to 45k ??? why anyone has any idea how to manage this cost or is this cost unavoidable?

this is the breakdown sent by etimad at my email inquiry today:

"Thank you for your mail

In response to your mail please find following fee structure for Family visit

Family fee per passport






Please note: above charges are for normal online appointment for walk in lounge appointments additional PKR 10552.00/- would be charged and total amount would be PKR 30171/ passport

Insurance would also apply as it will cost you 8000-35000/passport (this amount cannot be calculated until your case is processed at our service center) and insurance is not provided by Etimad so regarding coverage please contact you insurance company"