Driving license transfer on new iqama

I have old valid driving license 2025.but i go exist i come to saudi arabia. I need to transfer my driving license on new iqama. How to transfer license. How much the charge.

IF your new iqama ID card has been issued to you, first thing to do is to go to Absher/MOI kiosk and do some finger printing, and then register your details in MOI website.

Then go to the nearest driving school and follow the process:

Preparing the requirements and fill-up the application forms:
Required documents are:
1.    Old Driving License ID card & photo copy
2.    Iqama ID card & photocopy
3.    2 pcs passport size picture
4.    Company letter or employment certificate (optional only but better if you have it)
5.    Renewal form (Arabic form). Fill-up the application form which is available in Dallah or in MOI website.

Present the requirements, do the medical test and pay the fee.
1- Go to Dallah driving school and show your old driving license ID card and the rest of your documents to the reception to verify if your documents are complete.
2- Going for Eye Test (or Medical Test), you may proceed to any Clinic accredited by EFADA, there are clinics outside Dallah but if you wish to do the eye test in your area before going there you can found the list of accredited hospitals/Clinic in MOI website. After completion of Medical Test, the result will be automatically link to the MOI system and after 5 minutes you will received the SMS text message from EFADA that your medical result is uploaded to the Absher or MOI system, you can now go back to the Dallah office and wait for your application approval.
3- After checking of your documents and completing the medical test and received approval, you can now proceed to releasing office, but before you proceed to releasing office make sure you have made the payment for Driving License thru SADAD ATM or via online banking system.

Below is the payment details:
1.    2 years = 80SR
2.    5 years = 200SR
3.    10 years = 400SR

Releasing Office
1- After payment, proceed in releasing office. Show your documents, they will collect your old driving license ID card and application documents and wait for your call.
2- Within 30 minutes your new driver license ID card will be issued to you.

Now open dalal office? Because of this moment of coronavirus

What is timing of muroor office in jubail

I got my license renewed in Dec 2021.

My case is as follows.

I already got a license issued in 2015 but this had expired because I went for exit. Also I lost my license original and did not have a copy.

1.Below is the address of the driving school I visited.

بالقرب من, Al Takhassousi, حي النخيل, جبل الزيتون, Riyadh

2. I booked an appointment for license renewal on absher app and got an appointment after 11 days.

3. I payed 200 SAR ( 5 year license) online for the renewal of license of online payment.

4. I took a medical test before going to the test center. This cost me 100 SAR. I got this done at test center in Hara behind Malaz restaurant.

5. I went to the driving school on the day of appointment. My appointment was at 10 am. I reached at 10.40 am and they did not let me through. I asked a few other people and it seemed that some people were not able to go even at 10 am. So make sure you reach the school at 7.30 am in the morning irrespective of your appointment time.

6. I got a green file prepared from one of the offices outside. They took 10 Riyal for this.

7.These  where the documents  prepared  in the green file.

A form prepared by the man in the office which states  the iqama number and  purpose of visit.

Photo attached to  this form  (please  take  2 passport photos  just  in case.

Copy of current  iqama

Copy of previous expired  iqama

Appointment  print out from Absher.

8.  I took these documents to building number 1 and waited for my turn.

9. Upon my turn  I was asked to give another 180 SAR made  only through a Mada  card . This payment CANNOT  be made online  or  with  cash or by another card except  MADA.  THIS  180  is only applicable to thos whose  driving license has ALREADY  EXPIRED.  For those people whoare  renwing  a valid license due to change of iqama  this fees is not appilcable.

10. Once submitted  I got the  license in  5 minutes  Alhamdulillah .

Please make sure to reach the  school at 7.30  am for better  chance of getting your license on the same day. Other wise you will have to suffer  like me and many other who had to go twice or thrice to get things done.

Also the rules keep changing so  I can  only be sure of the process as of today..

My old liscence and old iqama name as same. but new iqama and old liscence name (3rd name) not same. Any issues when old liscence replacing to new iqama?

I have saudi license am going out saudi in 2019 my driving license expired 2020 now am come back saudi i need renew my license when i go driving schools they are tell me my license not in computer so i can't renew my license i hope u understand my situation please tell me a solution

Hi guys,

I got my license from my old exit iqama. I did not have the expired (4.5yrs) license copy nor any picture of the license from the previous iqama. Upon re-entry I got new Iqama and simply transferred expired license from old to new Iqama.

Procedure: (As of Nov 2022)

  1. Search for your license validity from the Absher portal of the old iqama number, Print it.
  2. Make sure you have photocopy of old iqama.
  3. Go to approved efada hospitals/clinic, get your medical test. Next day hospital/clinic will upload the result, you cannot see it so take pictures during test if you want to know the results.
  4. Book an online appointment through the Absher portal under category " Issue from old license or Replace License". Print the Appointment.
  5. Should have the following Docs: Appointment, old iqama, old license Absher portal, and one passport photo.
  6. Pay 'MOI Services -> traffic -> driving license -> issue from old license' online or Phone app. Pay it a day before going to Driving school. 2yrs - 80 & 5yrs - 200.
  7. on day the of appointment: pay 20 for green file, next counter pay the fine of the expired license ( mine was 580 sar)
  8. Next counter: the officer will simply transfer your license from old to new in your Absher portal.
  9. Congratulation you now have license on your new absher. but they will not print as the rule is that it will be available after 1 month.
  10. For license printing, book another appointment through Absher portal, automatically it will be after 1 month.

    Total Cost = 160 + 200 + 20 + fine = 900~1000

Regardless of the appoinment time, your work can be done. I recommend as early as possible like before 8, after 9 there is a long queue a the gate entrance so good luck waiting under the sun.


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@RedTrumpet  Is it possible Iqama I'd medical to use for Driving license?? Or need seperate medical??

@RedTrumpet I done medical for Iqama few days back now I want to use same medical for driving license it is possible or not?

are they asking for original iqama card or the digital one is enough ?

@Raj346 < My friend Raj, u got then driving licence. Please help.me

@Higgs Prime Thank you for detailed information. Which location did you chose for appointment in absher? Is it Dallah driving school in takhasusi Riyadh or any other location?

@Higgs Prime Thank you for the detailed information. Which location did you chose for appointment from absher? Is it Dallah driving school takhassusi Riyadh or any other location? Also, from where can we get the green file prepared.

After my assessment test that i didn't pay after that i transfer to other area my local school ask me transfer my school which is very far from my place how i can transfer my file to new school. its possible someone can do for me.

@Yoginee yes i have a question

post your question @ahmadatta22



@RedTrumpet  ok but how i now how mach i have fine with me old Licans it 7 years


I have a valid driving license till 2025 however I exited Saudi Arabia on 2020 then came back with new employer and new iqama. My question is, I lost the original license, however I have the scan copy of the Old license. Will this be acceptable?


Hi have driving license in dubai but expired already there is a chance to renew here in saudi or its not valid if is expired! Thank you

@dawoodmustafa7975 can u please give me ur whatsap number I have the same issues that I'm finding so much difficult! Thanks 😊


What if do not have an old driving license then what is the procedure I have all other documents even old iqama copy.


Thanks for the info what about if  I dont have old Driving license. Rest documents I have even old iqama copy.

Hi everyone.

I have driving license expired in 2021 on my old iqama. I have come back to saudi on new iqama.

I want to renew and transfer my License from old to new iqama.

In absher, i am trying to book appointment as " Replacement of Driving License" but the Expired date Option for 2021 is not showing there. It is only showing the current date and afterwards.

Please let me know how can i book the appointment for the same and the procedure to tranfer the license.


I need to change my driving license to new iqama and renewal of valid driving license with remaining 2 months to expiry as well, does any one here to help out about the updated procedure.



    You can do that by going to the traffic to update your driving record.

It 's quite similar to update your iqama with a new passport id.