I am Indian how long days it take to get Mofa Number

I got selected for job in saudi arabia,  the consultancy asked me to go for medical,  I finished medical through GAMCA but to get medical report they are asking MOFA Number,  if I ask MOFA number in that consultancy they are delaying for more than three weeks,  I want to know details about Mofa number and want to know how long days it takes to get MOFA number,  pls tell me

Plz reply to the above as with same i am going thru. plzzzzz

could any one plz reply as i think my agent is hiding something from me.

What is your medical report it is fit or not ? After that I will tell you.

Check with your Agent, he has to pay some fee for it.


yep my medical report is fit.

my medical repot is fit and medical centre is also telling me to bring the mofa no with me but my agent is delaying

MOFA number is an online generated application number from ministry website once your visa application processed and visa, medical payments are done. **

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Dear I got selected for saudi and so i went GAMCA and they sent me one medical center in chennai so medical done but medical center told me that again they want to take x ray after 5 days (suggested one tablet for 5 dsys) but i become scared about my health so I approached  medical centre 2 days later and told them I am perfectly healthy why you r telling like this so they suggested me go for ct scan so i took CT scan ,in that report they told that there was patches of fibrosis in the lower limb so based on this they told me unfit . And advised me try after two months at some other GAMCA.

after i went to big hosptal and did all the tests but doctor told me that I am perfectly allright.

Now what can i do ? Pls suggest me.

Dear, you just carry those reports with you and just show them the reports that i am a fir guy not having any problem as per this report and try to convince them and one more thing try to ask them to say a clear thing.

hello, everyone i think you guys are going to Saudi. Same here me too also got job in Saudi. Same Problem with mofa number. Did anyone get mofa number? I am going to Riyad ,where are you guys going? Can we keep in touch as we are from same country?

If someone got MOFA number then how many days it has been taken to approve your MOFA number. Should i need to submit any documents like photos,qulafication certificates for that..

I am a Indian citizen and I want to go saudi Arabia for work so you please tell me  that  how I can check a visa is original or duplicate because my flight may be within 10days so please tell me original visa and duplicate visa differ

https://visa.mofa.gov.sa/visaServices/O … nsServices

i hope this website can help u


I am waiting for MOFA number as it is mandatory for sending the passport to get the visa .The consultancy is telling that there is some technical in network services ,is it true or some thing else is there ?

I am Indian how long days it take to get Mofa Number and how to check my mofa is from reliable source.

Hello sir,
I'm facing the same problem..my agency says there is sone technical issue with network for the past month.
Have you got you MOFA yet?

Thanks in advance.

Hi frnds im having my visa no & mofa number. Is there any stamping process. How long it take. How can I check. In ministry webistes its. Asking id number what is that. Kindly give me a clarification plz frndz im waiting for ur reply the above all for Ksa Job

Pabitha wrote:

Hi frnds im having my visa no & mofa number. Is there any stamping process. How long it take. How can I check. In ministry webistes its. Asking id number what is that. Kindly give me a clarification plz frndz im waiting for ur reply the above all for Ksa Job

@Pabitha: You just go to a travel consultancy and provide them with the details then they will stamp your visa with in 2 weeks time maximum, and the charges would be like 5 to 7 thousand Indian rupees for the stamping process, your medical test will also be done before the submission of your file to embassy in India.

For Ksa Job. I already done medical here.  Rather than this is there any medical test in Ksa. And I already got visa number & mofa number, By mofa number I found some forms in Ministry website, contains my photo,   My journey is confirmed or not I need to know and also Stamping charges and lead time for that plz tel me frnds

Thank u Kaby

i got the mofa number from my agent and did the medical after completion of medical the medical center people are saying mofa number is not opened in the system i did check with agent he showed me the paid receipt for application and medical fee online. How to check the status whom should i contact. How to check the mofa is valid?

You can check by ministry website. Select language english. Using ur passport & mofa number u can check that is valid or not..

where we can find the Id no ?

How can we check the status using Visa No & MOFA No.?
What we have to enter in the field ID Number?
I have tried so many times but didn't get any information, please help me guys...

I m Indian and I take it moofa number and how long days stamp visa...

Hello i got selected in one of the companies in Riyadh, the consultancy told me that block visa is ready and asked me to do medicals and after clearing medicals he gave me the mofa number and i got fit certificate.
I need to know how much time more it can take for next process?

As you got fit in your medical test apply for visa stamping which will take 7 to 10 says. One the stamping is done Buy an air ticket and fly.

Thanks for the reply.
So that means agent has aleady applied for the visa as i have the MOFA number?

Most probabely you must follow him closely for updates.

today i got my offer letter, asked me to sign and send it back?
is it necessary that offer letter has to be stamped by MEA or any other government organisation?

Why they are delaying don't know but in my case my agency given me mofa no. On same day when medical centre require. Try to know why they are delaying ?

I got mofa no. On same day when medical centre require.

Hey friends,  so after u receive ur medical report with consideration that you are fit, it will take just 2 days to get your mofa number from ur agent. And if not, than your agent is doing some mischief.

MOFA number is online electronics application for visa processing and it take only 2 day, if your medical result found fit for work you can ask to for your client or mofa number and it will created by same but we consider 2 days for this work.

Dear friend

I have selected for Saudi Arabia .
I have done medical checkup and also got the MOFA No.
I have submitted my all document to consultancy.
But after one month consultancy mail me to collect your passport because client put you on hold .
So I need your advice can I use this medical for anther company or I have do the gamca medical again.

Iam indian. How long days it take to get MOFA number. Almost one mnth over i tried to get mofa. Bt i didn't get till now.

My medical fit and seam probem with me

@mdashik08 Hi I have the same issue today i was done the medical result they are said medical Fit but if you want report you get MOFA no from your agency but that agency person told me server down but other persons get the medical report

Ok when your get the MOFA no from your agency

@mdashik08 for which company?


So Mofa is issued when Visa is issued, for visa we need medical, for medical we need MOFA.

Seems like a merry go round.

Could you clearly explain which website to visit  and what process to follow