Time taken to verify degree certificates in Saudi Council of Engineers


I had requested for my degree certificate validation and had paid the fees. It has been more than 10 working days and the status still says ' we are auditing your request'. How long does it normally take for the degree certificate validation?

I moved new to Saudi. Just by paying 500SAR and showing that I have a SCE profile, my work visa was processed.

Upon arriving to KSA in one week my Iqama was done. On same day in SCE website I saw Yakeen verified.

Just today after 3weeks in KSA I have received payment request of 250SAR. I understand after this in SCE it should show Jawazat updated.

Initially when I followed with HR I was told not to worry and it is required only during visa renewal stage.

However for one of my colleague both Yakeen and Jawazat was completed on same day when he received Iqama.

@Abhishek Kumar86. Thanks for the quick reply.

@namonarain hi again, after making the 250SAR payment I have received my SCE certificate. But Jawazat still shows red cross. It should get sorted in some days or weeks as HR said it has some automated algorithm to check it so could take a months time. If the delay is phenomenal then can call SCE to resolve.

If you r coming from outside foregin registration at sce and degree verification is complulsory for visa issue ( engineers) ..how much time it takes any idea any other step we have to do after paying 500 pls reply

Almost 12 days no response yet any one has email of degree verificafion pls share time taken as foreign registration

@namonarain did you get it and how many working days it took?


Brother Any update on your degree verification?.Coz I'm also I the same situation.Please advise how long it takes for the verification


Did you get replay? If yes after how many days

@muralikumar055 hi brother did you get replay how long it take bro?

@asifmumbaikm did you get reply from sec