Registeration for absher if fingerprint is invalid

If you want to register for absher and the electronic machine is not accepting your fingerprint.

1) Take a photocopy of your valid iqama. write your name as per iqama on the photocopy, your mobile number and sign it.

2) Take your orignal iqama, orignal passport and photocopy with you.

3) Go to jeddah passport office ( Rehab Branch ). Note you must go to rehab branch as other passport offices are not going to accept your query. save your time directly go to Rehab branch jeddah passport office.( 7.30 am to 2.00 pm )

4) Ask for E-Services department. Go to the officer and submit the signed photocopy.

5)The officer will activate your account within one hour.

6)Now make your account on Absher and enjoy the services.

How I activated my account because of absher machine does not accept my finger

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