my saudi council renewal is rejected

Blank. As in it doesnt have anything. It only has other info like name. Iqama number. But current status, Nothing. it should be accredited and registered, right? Also it is new. It was just released april this year.


congrats! they rejected my application also twice. i already send letter of reason why i have 10 months gap. they rejected again. the one in charge in our company said i need to take an examination..he said 6 months gap only needs to take it true? please i need an urgent reply.tnx!

Please go to saudi council office in DQ. Bring all your documents

I am for renewal of my saudi license and i did it through my mumaris but it's al,ost a month they are not processing my renewal the status is still submitted to SCFHS. i'm very anxious because if it will not renew i can't also sign for renewal of my contract in our company... what will i do?

Nothing to worry if you know your papers are not fake. Sometimes it takes time but you can follow up and book appointment to
Saudi council

I had the same case as yours. Do ask in your HR since its still on process and they can have exemptions for u to renew ur contract


Jut want to ask if it is required in Saudi council Registration that you should have no Working Gap after graduation? What if you didnt work for almost 7 years after graduation then recently decided to continue your Career after pass the PRC Exam, Prometric Exam and Data Flow of COE of 1 year experience in the Philippines. And now currently working for 5 years on my current employer? Why Saudi council stop my application?

What do u mean by saudi council stopped your application?  If what u mean was your saudi council was rejected then try book for an appointment in the office and inquire whats wrong. Just bring all your documents. They will be the one to upload all your docu to their system

Yes, I mean rejected bcoz i dont have COE from 2005-up 2012. I was graduated 2004 Im a License Lab Tech by profession but just obtain my PRC kn 2012 thats why im started to continue my Career in 2013 and currently working in Saudi in my 2nd employer. I have 1 year experinece only in the Philippines. But i pass Prometric,m and finiahed all Data flow PrC and my COE in my 1st Job. The HR said that the Saudi council is required me to have a solid experience after graduation up to present but i dont have coz i only started to work as Lab Tech in 2013 after I obtain my license. What will I do? Pls advise. Thanks

Just asking you a doubt as I'm new to this data flow process. Please Ignore if unacceptable.
I am an allied health professional from India. I was working in a hospital till 2015. But since 2015, I am self employed.  I am not working in hospitals or clinics. But I have patients coming to me at my residence for treatment. Now I got a job offer from Saudi Arabia. As I was self employed, how can i show this in data flow?
Any suggestions?


I dont know sis but i think you need Data flow of your work experience and License. So if your self employed i dont know if the Data flow would accept that. You can inquire Data flow for that case. Since in saudi now is very strict in requirements.

You can justify it to saudi council because u passed the PRC exam on 2012. Did u exit before here in KSA? If so, thats more likely the reason of your rejection. U have to go to saudi council office by booking an appointment thru tawasul, or u can book there when u arrived. There they will update everything in their system and they will be the one to scan and upload ur documents. Godbless!

Im currently working now with my 1st Saudi employer. I started to work here since 2013 5 years now. That's why Im wondering why saudi council pending my application actually its not totally rejected but until now its pending I applied and book an appointed Last August 2018 but until now no result still on progress. I dont know also if its rejected bcoz the HR said its still pending and they ask me an OLD COE which i dont have before 2005-2012....I start working in 2013 after i obtain my License. Will it be a problem if i have 7 years no work after Graduation? Thanks

You just have to wait for the result since its still pending. You can try and send message into tawasul regarding ur application.

So if it is totally rejected they will send you a message in your email? Or any notifications? Or what so ever.  Ok Thank you! God bless

They usually send any update thru SMS

HI Sirs,

Due to some family concerns, i was not able to renew my Saudi Council which was expired on 2012. Now i attained the required CME hours and done the Data Flow for which i uploaded in Mumaris. But still they are rejecting it and not advising how to renew it. Grateful if somebody can guide me...Please.



Its because you need to update the info in your mumaris. Just book for an appointment to the nearest saudi council office and bring all your documents.

Thank you dear for the reply.

In fact i uploaded all the documents clearly. is it getting rejected because of the break in the experience?. In Mumaris, i already opted the option, "Not Working" However, i will give a try as you advised. How to get an appointment ? Once again thanks for your support.



Yes it could be the gap. And they might ask for COE,


Certificate of employment

my coworker now cant renew her license, she dint renew her license for 15yrs. scfhs advise her to get atleast 1yr experience outside the kingdom, but the problem she cant leave her kids here

good day guys. mine also was expired last july 21 2017. my request for renewal is always rejected. I already sent all documents they asked. is it true that we're going to take the prometric exam again???

good day guys. mine also was expired last july 21 2017. my request for renewal is always rejected. I already sent all documents they asked. is it true that we're going to take the prometric exam again???

Hello sis

You said your renewal always rejected? Have you received a notice of rejection? Or maybe bcoz its expired last year sonyiu need to update your docs and should only have 6 months Work Gap is accepted. Ask your HR why need to rake exam again, i thought we take Licensure Exam Prometrics once and only need to renew after 3 years..

Did u go to saudi council office to ask why it was rejected?

our HR is the one doing the renewal. they made new data flow for me again. all my documents sent. coz my PRC license was just renewed also. he said that maybe I will be taking the exam again. im still waiting for the result.

Its better to go to saudi council office

ok maam thanks

I have a valid saudi council license which will expire on 2020. But my status in applicant registration validity is rejected.. What will i do?

Hello madam good evening
The right way for your case is to visit them personally and solve the matter.
In which city u are???

Just ask the saudi council to update it.

You can call them and ask the reason for the rejection.

Hi mam,  I am dental nurse here in Saudi Arabia. My license is a nursing assistant (Saudi council), no PRC license from phils. Now , my license will expire year 2021. I heard a news that, if you don't have license (PRC) from your home country, u can't renew your license again.  It's that true?
I hope u can response in this problem
Thank you

no, you can renew again your license, because you are nursing assistant, if you take nursing technician you must have license in the Philippines.


Yes I'ves hered that news, actually i have friend woth the same issue like you, shes Dental asst here before then she already finished the contract and exit, she has Saudi Council Nursing Asst License and it will expired next year but unfortunately she comeback and work again in as Nurse Asst. in Riyadh she update her papers for renewal of her Saudi council but turned out to be rejected bcoz she sont have PRC License and just this month she go home after 6 months working in the hospital in Riyadh...So in your case, you can ask the Saudi Council or your HR what will be the consiquence if you dont have PRC. MOH now are very strict and make everything complicated and high standard as part of their SAUDIZATION Vision. Hope you will find way, In sha allah

why they take nursing assistant if they dont have license in the Philippines, healthcare assistant is available. this license is intended to those who dont have license,

Hi mam, may i ask what license she had( Saudi council)? Maybe the category in her license as nurse tech  but she don't have PRC license. In many cases here now, some nurse who took Prometric exam in the Philippines even they don't have PRC the SC categorize them as Nurse Tech. But if the nursing graduate take her without PRC in the Philippines, they categorize it as health care assistant/nurse assistant.