My saudi council renewal is rejected

for  consultant post how many months of practice gap is accepted to register or pass  exam of scfhs

@Pingyu101 Hello..I just want to ask what to do if there was no attachment field in the renewal application which was returned more than twice..

Hello everyone..I just want to ask if someone had an experience that their renewal application was returned many times and cannot upload the missing files because there was no attachment field? Please I badly need your help..Thank you.

Hello.. didn't you experienced that there was no attachement field when it was rerurned?

    my application rejected twice, i resubmit all the necessary requirements. for my 3rd application they approved already. now i have my new license


@Spalvarez1073 Hello..I just want to ask because I think we need to cancel the current application before applying new one..right?

@marianruth How was that? So evertime you submit application is that you will also pay?

@Alex_Nam Did your problem was solved?

@Pingyu101 Is it still allowed walk in application? 2023 now..please I need answer..Thank you.

@Pingyu101 still same? 2023 now..I heard that if ur license is expired for more than 6 months is that you need to take exam again? please I need answer..Thank you.

@Pingyu101 They will still allow walk in aoplication? Please I need an answer..2023

@annaraimadimnang1328 just call scfhs they will tell how you will do it

@ericaferl I talked to them and said to use other browsers or other computer. I tried but still no attachment field.. I also asked them if I can personally submit my documents but they said it's not allowed. Only online.. Is it true?

@dataserve hello can u help me sir. I have negative dataflow report due to discrepancy in employment despite the issuing authority claiming that tge certificate is genuine. Is is possible to work again in KSA and present ny new  coe with positive dataflow report?


You know what? We could totally apply for an appeal, but here's the thing: lately, their response time for dataflow appeals and follow-up tickets has been incredibly slow. It's like they're moving at a snail's pace!

Or you re-apply for verification, and let your employers respond on this. I will do this without any service fee as part of volunteery work.

I have another option / express service and that is ******* your dataflow report and renew directly, which may cost 1a lot.

Well, I am not convincing you to process this, I am just giving you an option that could solve your issue.