my saudi council renewal is rejected

hello sir/mam can u help me, i apply for saudi council renewal and the saudi council returned my application because it is said there that there is no attachment as a return reason so i uploaded and resubmit again and then after a few days they rejected my application for saudi council renewal. What will i do? How can i apply again regarding my request? im a nurse. please help. thanks.

What is the reason for cancellation?

You must contact them by email.

I heard saudi council needs valid parent registration from home country at the time of renewal.also data flow report of parent nursing council (your first nursing license).now many people are In trouble as many dont have only valid license frm home country as they are not working there.if you solve your pblm let me know .my many indian frnds are in trouble

My Saudi council renewal is returned due to luck of data flow of my license ,then I applied for data flow it takes 35 days. So I just sent to them the receipt of data flow payment since it takes time , but they rejected my application, can we apply again ounce data flow is Available?

Hi..mine also have same problem..I think need to send new request with uploading all documents again..I did same but ibdidt get any reply from saudi cauncil there any problem??please reply.its almost 25 days now.

Hello everyone i am a fire technician here in jubail but may iqama job title is construction supervisor. the SCE required me to registered in saudi council problem is after all my document submitted there i one i can provide, the bachelor diploma.i only have vicational course diploma prctical electricity and master electrician certificate from PRC.can anyone till me if it is possible to cancel my Engineer registration to change for technician category.thank you Ph expat.

Hi nag submit ka ulit ng new application after mo ma reject? Someone told me that it's better to submit a new request. Please advice


Same problem as mine. 6 times na ko nagsend ng renewal for application.***

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What happened to your saudi council?

what happened after?mine is also same and it depressed me a  lot, i dont know either what to do.. can someone here give us advice..

hi do you know what email can we contact them?or do u know numbers that we could call?

I got my saudi council card already. Tell me what was your problem

My license was expired since last year december then i renewed this june but it was rejected

After rejection you have to go to saudi council and pass the hard copy of your documents. They will be the one to upload it in their system

Whats the reason for the returned of the request?

I tried to went there but they ate saying it doesnt mean that i went there i could give directly my paper they said i need to book appointment, do i need to give all the documents starting from Philippines like coe?coz indont have coe in philippines

Yes u have to book for an appointment, its an easy process from the tawasul website. Then bring all your necessary documents. They will look for the last certificate of employment of yours

They said i need to bring my coe from philippines but i dont have that one after grad i went directly to saudi

Tell them u dont have any. That ur current employer is your first employer.

I told them like that, but i will try again thank u for keeping touch

Is it true if your saudi council license is already expired for almost 1 year do i need to take another exam again? Or just a renewal only?

Just to renew only.

Hi Ma'am good day po. Nurse po ako dito sa saudi. And for renewal po ako ng card ko. Dko kasi mawari kung anong problema bakit rejected ung renewal ko.


Kelan na reject ang saudi council card mo? The next step after rejection is to book for an appointment to saudi council and bring all your hard copies documents on the date of ur appointment


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Pingyu101 wrote:

Just to renew only.

Hello someone also told me that if you're license is already expired and didn't renew it you need to take the prometric exam again? How true is that? Thanks

I dont think so but its Better to ask the saudi council office regarding that matter.

is it normal that the status in my saudi council id is BLANK instead of accredited and registered?

What do u mean blank? When did u renew your saudi council?

hi dear
unfortunately you have to wait for complete data flow and all will go smooth

when should you renew your sc card and what exactly the needs file for renewal through mumaris..

2-3 mos before its expiry date. Just open your mumaris and you can see the documents needed to upload for renewal

Hi. I just want to ask...can you renew your saudi council if you have recently ended your contract from your previous work? My card is expiring this month and I am planning to return to the kingdom in the near future.

No you cannot renew your saudi council while outside the kingdom because they will require u to upload CME hours, iqama as well

No you cannot renew your saudi council if u exit already

my application rejected twice, i resubmit all the necessary requirements. for my 3rd application they approved already. now i have my new license