Can I work in UK with a Family visa?

Hi All,

I am in the process of obtaining a Family Visa to live in the UK (Scotland specifically).  My husband is a British citizen, as are our children through him.  Does anyone know if I will be permitted to work once I arrive to live in the UK with my family Visa? 

I have a long standing job with offices worldwide and can continue to work at my current employer but am unclear if:

1. I will be allowed to work while in Scotland on a Family Visa

2. If I would need to pay income taxes to Scotland (where resident) or Canada.  With the 10 years minimum to receive National insurance pension benefits, and since I will retire in 5 years, I'd rather keep paying into my Canadian pension plan than into NI which (from my understanding) will not provide any pension upon retirement due to lack of minimum number of years employed in UK.

I would greatly appreciate anyone with knowledge to answer either of these questions, to respond.

Thanks in advance!

Hi and welcome to the Forum.

To answer your questions.  Yes, you can work anywhere in the UK if you're resident here on a Family Visa; that's the easy bit out of the way.

Employment abroad is a bit complicated.  While your boss may be OK with it on the face of it, I do wonder if he/she has considered that you will no longer be resident in Canada, so no longer subject to Canadian Law and whether your current employment contract is still enforceable in these circumstances (disputes, holidays, sick pay etc).  The Canadian taxman will become aware of it when his UK cousin starts talking to him about your affairs.  Further, I'm not sure if you can continue to gain the benefits (there are normally tax-breaks on contributions) of paying into the Canadian pension system if you don't live there.  These are questions you need to ask officially in Canada, not from an internet forum - you want answers in writing.

Taxation; you will be deemed as being resident in the UK from the date you arrive and will be assessed here on your worldwide income (not just salary).  Assuming that there is a double-taxation agreement in place, then you should not be charged twice on income tax, but if you're working in the UK there are employer payable National Insurance charges (these are in addition to your contributions), I don't know how this works, but I'm wondering if you working for them Freelance (so you quit) and they use you (pay you) as and when and you just declare the income to the HMRC (UK taxman); if you are allowed, then you can still pay your contributions into the Canadian pension system.

Perhaps somebody else (Canadian living and working in the UK) has some further relevant advice.

If you have any further specific questions, please come back to us.

Hope this helps.

Expat Team

Thank you Cynic!

The key question answered first, is a huge relief :)

The secondary issues, yes, very complicated and I will do some thorough investigation as to the arrangements.  It appears to be quite a lot of details to sort out.  As my employer does have a UK office,  I will likely have options to transition to a salaried UK employee or become a freelance consultant.

Now, does anyone have any info on how dentistry works in Scotland?  In Canada, we pay 100% directly but with good employment benefits, it is mostly covered. 

So much to learn! 

Thanks again,

Love Scotland

Hi again.

Transferring you to the UK payroll would be much easier as far as your concerned.

Dentistry in Scotland (all over the UK), you have to pay for yourself.  Our Dentist offers a scheme where you pay a fixed amount monthly, for that, I get 2 x check-ups, 2 x hygienist, free x-rays and free antibiotics if needed.  Fillings and extractions etc I have to pay for.  If you've looked after your teeth, that's generally good enough.

Some companies offer medical insurance as part of your package, but it's taxed, to the point it's hardly worth having as it may be enough to push you through a tax band and end up paying much more.

Hope this helps.

Expat Team

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