Relocating with our not-so-traditional line of work

Hi guys!  :D

I'm Hanco and my girlfriend's name is Kayla.  We're from Richards Bay, South Africa.

We are YouTubers and we earn an income through Google (paying for ads run on our videos on YouTube) and PayPal (viewers and supporters payouts). 

I came here to get an idea of what our options are, how to relocate with our line of work and the unusual way we earn our income.  At the moment, with our viewerbase, we consistently earn around MUR 75 000 per month.

We appreciate any help and advice you have.

That grabbed my attention.
Don't give the link on the forum but I'd love to take a look so, if you could send it by PM, please.

What sort of videos do you make?

Ah, gaming (he guesses) - I'll bet my daughter would like that one (as long as you don't use naughty words as you do in your twitter)

Hey Fred

I don't see anything naughty about my choice of words, and my intentions on social media will never be offensive. 
If you have any advice about my question that'd be very helpful.

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