Qualified nurse wanting to relocate to Mauritius


Can anyone help me with where to look for jobs for qualified nurse wishing to move to Mauritius this year? Also is there an exam that needs to be taken to practice nursing here?

Thank you so much in advance
I suggest contacting hospitals and clinics there for  a job.

i am a ghanaian and citizenof mauritius living and working here for about 30years.
best option for Ghanaian nurse is search myjob.mu.

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@Tyna2019 Any information about what you asked?I am here for the same purpose.

Hello Jessy Mwenda,

Welcome on board !

Here in Mauritius already ?



I am a registered Nurse Midwife based in zambia.i would like to find out about the best recruiting agency to help me secure a job with any private or government hospital in Mauritius.

Would you recommend any?

Thanks in anticipation

Hello 👋

In government hospital it won't be possible as they recruit mostly locals. You may try contacting private clinics to enquire about jobs prospects for foreigners. However please bear in mind that securing a job as a nurse is very hard.



Thank you very much

I am a Kenyan perioperative nurse willing to move to Mauritius on private hospital hire. Any connections will be appreciated


hello and welcome !

Google serach for clinics in Mauritius and send them your CV. It is the best way to receive a response.