How to open a bank account in Mauritius

Opening a bank account in Mauritius
Updated 2023-03-12 14:33

Opening a bank account in Mauritius can help you in many ways, including to receive your salary, pay your monthly bills, make online payments, etc. Find out, in this article, how you can open a bank account as an expat in Mauritius, and what are the benefits.

Banking in Mauritius for non-residents

Mauritius allows non-residents to open a savings account in rupees or foreign currency in the country without requiring a minimum stay in the country. Please note that some banking institutions automatically redirect them to the private bank.

Rupee current account

The Mauritian rupee savings account allows its non-resident holder to receive funds by installments or transfers. The account holder also benefits from a debit card for withdrawals and payments, as well as the possibility to make regular transactions, withdrawals and transfers of funds.

Foreign currency current account

Foreign currency accounts are authorized to receive funds only by bank transfers, national or international. They also bear interest at fixed rates (term account) or variable rates (interest on the amount available). Ask your Mauritian bank about the procedure to follow.


Any cash deposit of foreign currency is possible in a foreign currency account, provided that the currency, once converted, does not exceed Rs 500,000. The bank is allowed to ask for proof of origin of the funds depending on the amount to be deposited.

Good to know:

Foreign currency current accounts in major foreign currencies are available to residents and non-residents (Euro, Dollar, Rand).

How to open a non-resident bank account in Mauritius?

The list of documents to present, if you wish to open a non-resident bank account while being in Mauritius

  • Original and copy of valid passport (in color);
  • Original and copy of a proof of residence in their country of origin (in color);
  • Bank reference from the country of origin indicating that the account is well managed and does not have any anomalies;
  • CV stating the professional status of the account holder.

Opening a non-resident account online in Mauritius

To open a remote account: 

Contact the management company located in Mauritius, which is approved by the Financial Services Commission (FSC), or contact the bank of your choice and ask about the possibility of opening a remote account for foreigners.

Resident foreigners

Rupee Current Account

To open a rupee current account as a resident in Mauritius, you need to present:

  • A copy of your passport and the corresponding visa;
  • A proof of address (a utility bill in your name, such as CEB, CWA) dated within 3 months;
  • A certificate indicating the origin of your income or assets;
  • Your residence permit issued by the relevant authorities.

In general, a minimum deposit of Rs 1,000 to Rs 5,000 is required. Ask for confirmation from the bank you have chosen, as the amount may vary from one bank to another.

Good to know:

According to the 2022-2023 budget, the Bank of Mauritius will ensure that a bank account can be opened within one week.

Leading banks in Mauritius

The Mauritius Commercial Bank Limited


Sir William Newton Street, Port Louis

Phone: (230) 202 50 00

Fax: (230) 208 7054



Opening hours of the banks

Monday to Thursday: 9 am to 3:15 pm

Friday: 9am to 5pm

SBM Bank (Mauritius) Limited


1, Queen Elizabeth II Street, Port-Louis

Phone: (230) 202 11 11

Fax: (230) 202 12 34



Absa Bank (Mauritius) Limited


Wall St, Ebene

Phone: (230) 402 10 00

Abby on WhatsApp: 230 5919 00 01



AfrAsia Bank Limited


Bowen Square 10, Dr Ferriere Street, Port Louis

Phone: (230) 208 55 00

Fax: (230) 213 88 50



ABC Banking Corporation Ltd



Duke of Edinburgh Street,

Place d'Armes, 11328, Port Louis

Phone: ( 230) 206 80 00 / ( 230) 208 00 88



Swift Code: ABCKMUMU

Bank One Limited



16 Sir William Newton Street, Port Louis, Mauritius

Phone: 230 202 92 00

Fax: 230 212 88 83

Cards Hotline: 230 467 19 00


MauBank Ltd

Head office:

25 Bank Street, Ebène

Phone: 405 9400



HSBC Bank (Mauritius) Limited


6th Floor, HSBC Centre

18, Cybercity, Ebene

Phone: (230) 403 83 33

Fax: (230) 403 09 99



Standard Bank (Mauritius) Limited


Level 9, Tower A 1 

Cyber City Ebene,  

72201, Mauritius 

Phone: 230 402 52 00



Standard Chartered Bank (Mauritius)


Level 15, Newton Tower, 

Sir William Newton Street, Port Louis


Phone: (230) 213 23 90, (230) 213 23 91

Fax: (230) 213 09 68


Bank details in Mauritius

Before choosing your bank, check the relationship between your country of origin and the Mauritian bank. It will be imperative to justify the origin of funds for large deposits in Mauritian accounts.


Foreign accounts are structurally credit accounts. However, special arrangements can be made for term deposits within the same institution.

Online banking and mobile payments in Mauritius 

Banking services

All banks in Mauritius offer their customers online services and mobile applications from which they can manage their personal finances.

Here is an overview of the solutions available to date.

The MCB - Internet banking

The MCB offers internet banking to its customers, who can manage their accounts at any time. To access it, you will have to request a login and password from one of the many branches across the island. MCB online banking allows:

  • To open a savings account, current account, single account with fixed deposit;
  • Check account balances, current and past transactions going back up to 6 months;
  • Move funds between accounts;
  • Make an instant payment or schedule, both locally and internationally;
  • Quickly pay bills by selecting recipients from the ready-to-use recipient list;
  • Send funds to personal credit cards and prepaid cards;
  • Create a standing order for automatic payments;
  • Have a clear view of your direct debits, loans and investments;
  • Sign up for services such as MCB Refill, Juice or MCB Secure;
  • View E-statements to track expenses. Available for a full year, the dematerialized statements can be downloaded and printed at will during this period.

On the mobile side, the bank offers "Banking by SMS", which allows you to:

  • Consult the balance of your account;
  • View the last 5 banking transactions;
  • Make transfers between your MCB accounts;
  • Receive notifications by SMS (salary payments, deadlines, failure of standing order or direct debit);
  • Refill your mobile credit instantly by sending an SMS to 8700 to receive your credit.


The bank by SMS is a paid service.

Still on the mobile side, the bank has a popular application called "MCB Juice", which allows a variety of services.

  • Send and receive money instantly;
  • Send and receive money instantly with a phone number or an account number;
  • Refill cell phone;
  • Refill your mobile phone number or another number instantly;
  • Transfer to a mobile phone number;
  • Send or receive and withdraw money from an ATM without a card;
  • Pay for your purchases by simply scanning the QR code of merchants who are equipped with it;
  • Authorize or deactivate Touch & Pay, foreign or online transactions, change the PIN code of the card associated with the account, lock the card if it is lost;
  • Link the Juice account to the Paypal account to recharge your account, send money and transfer funds;
  • Touch ID or facial recognition.


Internet banking 

The banking institution presents its internet banking as offering a "360° view". Indeed, this option allows customers to reset their password online, pay their bills (CEB, CWA, MyT, etc.) remotely, transfer funds and verify deposited checks.

All local and international SBM accounts are now available on the same page.

Mobile app 

SBM also has a banking app called "SBM Mobile Banking App" accessible to both iOS and Android devices, which can be downloaded for free from App Store or Play Store. It allows you to: 

  • Request balance from anywhere in the world;
  • Make a funds transfer and consult the mini statement;
  • Make payments to another local bank;
  • Report lost ATM card;
  • Sign up for paperless statements;
  • Pay utility bills/standing orders, including payments to institutional payees;
  • Pay monthly mobile phone plans;
  • Instantly recharge a mobile phone number;
  • Recharge a prepaid card;
  • Refund bills paid with SBM credit card;
  • Request a checkbook;
  • Stop payment on a check.


Another popular bank in Mauritius, MauBank also offers an internet banking service, through which it is possible to transfer funds between MauBank accounts or to other local banks, to manage one's accounts (balances, transactions made), to fund one's credit cards.

Mobile app 

The mobile application of MauBank (MauBank With Me) allows:

  • Access by fingerprint or facial recognition;
  • Instant activation;
  • Download your account statements;
  • Consult your balance;
  • Recharge your mobile phone;
  • Top up your credit card;
  • Make transfers and withdrawals at ATMs without cards;
  • Block and unblock your card;
  • Open accounts;
  • Transfer funds from foreign currency accounts (FCY).

ABSA Bank (Mauritius) Limited

Through its internet banking services, ABSA Bank allows its customers to:

  • Make instant domestic money transfers;
  • Make international money transfers;
  • Pay their bills;
  • Pay off their credit cards;
  • Recharge their mobile phone numbers;
  • Make direct debits for recurring bills;
  • Manage their debit card;
  • Transaction limits; 
  • Update their email address/mobile number; 
  • Set their one-time password (OTP); 
  • Set a travel notice; 
  • Download the 24/7 eStatement; 
  • View their transaction history; 
  • Use advanced filters on account activity.

Mobile App 

Absa Bank's mobile app allows you to: 

  • View account activity;
  • Authorize transactions;
  • Transfer funds, pay bills;
  • Download your statements;
  • Update your email address or mobile phone number.

AfrAsia Bank Limited

AfrAsia Bank's internet banking allows users to access their accounts and manage their money online 24/7 through the user-friendly online banking interface, equipped with a 2-step authentication and one-time password for login and transactions.  

Once logged in, users can:

  • Check balances and recent transactions; 
  • Pay bills and transfer money; 
  • Stop payment on checks; 
  • Order new checkbooks; 
  • Update personal information; 
  • Download recent statements; 
  • Enroll in e-statements.

Mobile App 

The AfrAsia Cards app allows you to: 

  • Manage AfrAsia Bank World, Titanium and Gold MasterCard credit cards;
  • Activate and deactivate any of these cards;
  • Create and manage a personalized secret code;
  • Register your card to receive a one-time password (OTP) to validate purchases;
  • View the history of transactions made with a card;
  • Check your account balance at any time;
  • Know all the current offers related to the card;
  • Report card blocking in case of need.

ABC Banking Corporation Ltd

ABC's internet banking allows you to: 

  • Consult and manage your accounts at any time; 
  • Transfer money between your ABC Banking accounts; 
  • Order a checkbook online in a few clicks; 
  • Pay your income tax to the MRA; 
  • Transfer money to another local or international bank account;
  • Consult your credit facilities and repayments;
  • Make transfers to third parties;
  • Consult your transfer orders.

Bank One Limited

Bank One's internet banking allows you to:

  • Access your accounts immediately 24 /7;
  • View your transactions and statement history at any time; 
  • Make payments and transfers to a local or international bank account; 
  • Pay your credit card balance or add funds to your prepaid card;
  • Set up recurring payments; 
  • Track your loan or mortgage account.

Mobile app

The app allows you to: 

  • Check the balance of all your accounts on the dashboard;
  • View your balance without even having to log in;
  • Transfer money;
  • Recharge your Emtel or MyT balance;
  • Recharge your prepaid card;
  • Cancel a lost card;
  • Manage personal and business accounts from a single login.

HSBC Bank (Mauritius) Limited

Through HSBC Mauritius' internet banking platform, customers can:

  • Make transfers and payments;
  • Access their account details;
  • Open and manage their fixed deposit account;
  • Manage their cards;
  • Update their personal details.

Mobile app 

It allows you to: 

  • View account balances and statement information;
  • Authorize payment instructions;
  • Receive notification of payments ready to be authorized.
  • Do online shopping in Mauritius.

The International Trade Administration describes e-commerce in Mauritius as still limited, although its use is increasing, especially since the COVID-19 pandemic. 

With the country's transition to fiber optics, a number of companies have invested in e-commerce platforms for services such as searching for tourism offers or finding gardeners or housekeepers (,,,, etc.). These platforms allow their customers to pay for their purchases by credit card or even debit card or PayPal.

While in the past many Mauritians used websites more to gather information than to shop, this has changed with the lockdowns as more businesses have shifted to online shops or have an online option. However, many small Mauritian businesses still prefer to use social media to reach their target market.

Mobile payments in Mauritius

Like internet banking, mobile payment applications are increasingly being used by consumers, driving the major Mauritian banks, but also other companies, to invest heavily in mobile banking since 2011.

My.t money by Mauritius Telecom

Mauritius Telecom offers "my.t money", a mobile payment application that boasts itself as "a reliable and secure alternative to cash transactions". It is linked to all commercial banks in Mauritius, namely ABC Banking Corporation, Absa, Afrasia, Bank of Baroda, Bank One, BCP Bank (Mauritius), HSBC, MCB, SBI and SBM. 

As a virtual wallet with a card, it eliminates the need to use cash and allows the following transactions:

  • Interbank transfer - Transfer money from your registered bank to any other bank for free;
  • Personal Financial Manager - Manage your budget and track your expenses;
  • Recharge your mobile - Internet and voice;
  • Loyalty point system;
  • Track past transfers;
  • Schedule automatic recharges;
  • Pay bills - Utility bills (Telecom / CEB / CWA), insurance premium, monthly fees, etc. at application partners, share payment receipts
  • Transfer and receive money for free - Make a withdrawal from a registered bank account, transfer money between savings portfolios, share a bill;
  • Children's account - Create and manage accounts for children;
  • Pooled pot - With a target amount set, ability to add contributors, schedule automatic transfers to the pot, withdraw money at any time.

The use of my.t money requires registration with Mauritius Telecom.

Blink by Emtel

Blink by Emtel is authorized by the Bank of Mauritius and works with all MauCas approved QR codes. This mobile payment application allows consumers to make transactions directly from their Mauritian bank account(s), send money instantly to any local Mauritian bank account, receive money, make payments at shops, pay all utility and online bills, top up their cell phone (voice and data), and set usage limits.

Because of its highly secure environment, Blink can be used from a smartphone or tablet, on all available networks and from anywhere.

Application features:

  • Scan and pay via QR Code; 
  • Send and receive money; 
  • Pay bills;
  • Top up Emtel mobile voice and data credit; 
  • Make bank transfer from one account to another;
  • Transfer and manage multiple bank accounts;
  • Alerts and reminders to follow local and international news; 
  • Alerts and reminders for one-time transfers and payments;
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