Driver's licence in Mauritius

Driver's licence in Mauritius
Updated 2019-06-07 15:21

In order to obtain a Mauritian driving licence, you must go through the Police Commissioner. The relevant formalities and conditions are explained in this article.

Holders of international driving licences

If you have an international driving licence, you can drive in Mauritius but only for the types of vehicles mentioned on the licence. However, the international driving licence is only valid for its duration, or for a maximum of three years. (Note that the British driving licence is recognized and can be used in Mauritius). If you're staying for a long period of time, you will have to go to the Casernes Central traffic branch in Port Louis and convert the British driving licence to a Mauritian one, free of charge. This licence should be renewed every year.

Application for a Mauritian driving licence

A foreigner residing in Mauritius can apply for a temporary driving licence for an autocycle at 15 years old, a motorcycle at 17, and a car from the age of 18. For safety reasons, it is better to choose a registered driving school and avoid those that operate illegally. You may take the driving and parking test in your own car, as long as a special insurance policy is obtained.

There are three parts to the driving test: the theoretical test, the driving test, and parking test. The first step is to pass the multiple-choice theoretical examination (Learner's Test), where you will then be issued a Learner's Licence, allowing you to be able to practice driving if accompanied by someone holding a valid driving licence. After you pass the driving test, you will take the parking test right after. If you fail any of these, you will have to take them over again.

The documents required for a driving licence's application are:

  • A birth certificate
  • National identity card/student card
  • Marriage certificate
  • Work/residence permit and passport if not a citizen

Driving Lessons

You are allowed an unlimited amount of driving lessons from an approved driving school. A period of 3 months is usually granted between the theoretical test and the driving and parking test.

The cost of a driving lesson depends on the driving school or driving instructors. The fees usually range between Rs. 250 and Rs. 300 for a session of 30 minutes. The rate should not exceed Rs. 500. The registration fee with a driving school is on average Rs. 1,200. It is recommended to look at a few schools before choosing one.

Driving Test

The fee for the theoretical exam is Rs. 500, and the same amount applies should you need to retake the test. The driving test is also Rs. 500, and again the same rule applies. An insurance fee of around Rs. 1,500 on average is paid to the driving school/ instructor each time as well, and is non-refundable.

There are only two places that carry out the driving test on the island, at the Casernes Centrales in Port-Louis or at the Curepipe Barracks.

Good to know:

If you have passed your driving test in an automatic car, you are only allowed to drive an automatic vehicle, and you will not be allowed to drive a car with a manual gear.

Useful link:

The Mauritius Police Force

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