Healthcare in Mauritius

The health system in Mauritius
Updated 2023-03-21 20:08

Health is a major issue when moving abroad. Are expats eligible for the Mauritian health system? What are the conditions to be met? Do expats need health insurance coverage in Mauritius? Below are the answers to the questions you might have.

Overview of the health system in Mauritius

Mauritius has regional hospitals, specialized hospitals and private clinics. This is supported by a network of regional and community health centers evenly distributed throughout the island. This is complemented by a network of pharmacies whose services extend to rural areas.

Public hospitals are freely accessible to both residents and expatriates. However, while care is free for residents, it is not free for non-residents. 

In addition, it takes a lot of patience to get an appointment. The process is well-defined but long: in order to get an appointment, you must first go to the hospital, consult a general practitioner, and then a file will be put together for the appointment. Between each step, there is triage, waiting, and additional tests if necessary (weight, height, blood pressure, temperature, blood test, X-ray, etc.).

Although the public health system is capable of treating most health problems, expatriates show a clear preference for the private system, which is faster and often better equipped. With several clinics, the private sector has allowed Mauritius to become a destination of choice for medical tourism. 

Two pieces of information to keep in mind: 

Getting treatment in a clinic in Mauritius is often very expensive. 

Mauritians who wish to benefit from advanced treatments unavailable in the country very often turn to Reunion Island, India and South Africa. This is something to consider if you require specific treatments. Moreover, for maximum protection, most expatriates in Mauritius choose to take out international health insurance.

The healthcare system in Mauritius in detail

Mauritius has a well-developed healthcare system, governed by the Ministry of Health and Quality of Life. Healthcare is provided by both the public and private sectors. There are 5 major public hospitals, 6 specialized public hospitals, local health centers and clinics. There are also 18 private clinics and 11 specialized fee-for-service centers.

These structures are staffed by a large majority of foreign-trained doctors, as well as by doctors who are themselves expatriates. In Mauritius, the medical profession is regulated by the Medical Council of Mauritius. This ensures that medical practices conform to the highest international standards of quality and practice.

Hospitals, health centers and clinics in Mauritius

Mauritius' health system is evolving. As part of the health sector strategic plan for the period 2020-2024, the budget for the fiscal year 2021-2022 included the construction of additional public health facilities in Mauritius: a cancer center in Solferino; a new hospital in Flacq; an eye hospital in Réduit; 6 medical clinics in Quartier Militaire, Stanley, Coromandel, Bel Air, Grand Bois, and Chemin Grenier, respectively; 5 community health centers in St. Francois Xavier, Roche Bois, Grand Bay, Pointe aux Sables, and Trou d'Eau Douce; 4 regional health centers in Henrietta, Cap Malheureux, New Grove, and Plaine Magnien; and a modern cardiology center in Cote d'Or.

The 5 public hospitals of Mauritius 

  • The Victoria Hospital - PMOC complex, located in Candos in the Plaine-Wilhems district 

The following services are provided: General Medicine - General Surgery - Orthopaedic Surgery - Plastic Surgery - Gynaecology and Obstetrics - Paediatrics - Nursery - Neonatal Intensive Care - Cardiology - Radiology - Oncology - Burns Unit - Psychiatry - Lithotripsy - Pathology - Dentistry - Haemodialysis - Accidents and Emergencies - Medical and Surgical Intensive Care - OPD Chest Diseases - OPD Dermatology.

Paramedical Services: Central Laboratory - Blood Bank - School of Nursing - Physiotherapy Department - Medical Social Service - Virology Department - Speech Therapy (at the ENT Center) - Occupational Therapy (at the ENT Center) - X-ray - C A T Scan - Dietician.

The area is also served by 20 community health centers and 5 regional health centers.

  • The regional hospital, Dr. A. Gaffoor Jeetoo, located in the district of Port Louis, the capital 

The following services are provided: General Medicine - General Surgery - Orthopedics - Pediatrics - Nursery - Gynecology and Obstetrics - Physical Medicine - Chest Diseases - NCD (Communicable Disease Clinic) - Skin Diseases OPD - ENT Clinic OPD - Oncology OPD - Ophthalmology OPD - Accident and Emergency Department - Medical and Surgical Intensive Care - Dental Facilities - Hemodialysis.

Auxiliary Departments: Medical Laboratory Services - X-Ray - Physical Therapy - Occupational Therapy - Speech Language Pathologist - Dietician - Social Worker - Medical Records Department.

The area is also served by 25 community health centers and 6 regional health centers.

  • Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam National Hospital, located in Pamplemousses

The following services are provided: General Medicine - General Surgery - Orthopedics - Surgery - Gynecology and Obstetrics - Pediatrics - Nursery - Neonatal Intensive Care - Cardiology - Cardiac Surgery - Radiology - Oncology OPD - Psychiatry - Lithotripsy - Pathology - Dental - Hemodialysis - Accidents and Emergencies - Medical and Surgical Intensive Care - Chest Diseases OPD - Dermatology OPD - Ophthalmology OPD.   

Paramedical Services: Magnetic Resonance Imaging Laboratory (MRI) - School of Nursing - Physiotherapy Department - Medical and Social Services - Speech Therapy - Occupational Therapy - X-Ray - C A T Scan - Dietician.

The area is also served by 23 community health centers and 4 regional health centers

  • Jawaharlal Nehru Hospital, located in Rose Belle

The following services are provided: General Medicine - General Surgery - Renal Surgery - Orthopedics - Pediatrics - Nursery - Gynecology and Obstetrics - Physical Medicine - Chest Diseases - NCDs (Non-Communicable Diseases) - Skin Diseases - ENT - Oncology - Ophthalmology - Accident and Emergency - Medical and Surgical Intensive Care - Dental Facilities - Hemodialysis.  

Auxiliary Departments: Medical Laboratory Services - X-ray - Nuclear Medicine - C A T Scan - Physiotherapy - Occupational Therapy - Speech Therapy - Dietician - Social Worker - Centralized Medical Records Department.

The area is also served by 17 community health centers and 5 regional health centers.

  • Dr. Bruno Cheong Hospital (formerly Flacq Hospital), located in Flacq

The following care is provided there: General medicine - General surgery - Orthopedics - Pediatrics - Neonatal nursery - Gynecology and obstetrics - Psychiatry - Endocrinology - EMS services (emergency medical unit) - Physical medicine - Chest diseases - Outpatient clinic - NCD Secretariat - NCD Services - Skin Diseases - ENT Clinic - Ophthalmology - Accident and Emergency Department - Dental Facilities - Hemodialysis Unit - Ayurvedic Outpatient Clinic - Speech Therapy Unit - Nutrition Unit - Medical Social Worker.

Auxiliary Departments: Medical Laboratory Services - Blood Bank - X-Ray - Physiotherapy - Occupational Therapy - Centralized Medical Records Department - Centralized Sterile Supplies Department - Laundry Unit - Food Service Unit - Supply Unit - Energy Services Unit.

The area is also served by 24 community health centers, 4 regional health centers and 1 medical clinic

Useful contacts:

Sir S. Ramgoolam National Hospital


Phone: (230) 209 35 00

Fax: (230) 243 89 65

Victoria Hospital

Candos - Quatre Bornes

Phone: (230) 425 30 31

Fax: (230) 425 76 93

Jawaharlal Nehru Hospital

Rose Belle

Phone: (230) 603 70 00

Fax: (230) 627 49 81

Dr. A.G. Hospital Jeetoo

Volcy Pougnet Street, Port-Louis

Phone: (230) 203 10 01

Fax: (230) 212 89 58

Flacq Hospital

Central Flacq 

Phone: (230) 413 25 32

Fax: (230) 413 25 66

District hospitals, community centers, and medi-clinics in Mauritius

The 2 district hospitals are the Souillac Hospital and the Mahébourg Hospital.

  • Community health centers and dispensaries will offer basic health services, family planning/maternal and child health services, dental care and immunization.
  • Medi-Clinics offer basic health services, family planning/maternal and child health services, dental care, immunization, health education, public health services, laboratory services, X-ray and ultrasound.
  • Regional Health Centers (RHC) offer basic health services, family planning/maternal and child health services, dental care, immunization, health education and public health services.
  • Community Health Centers (CHC) offer basic health services, family planning/maternal and child health services, immunization and health education with community participation.
  • Family Health Centers (FHC) offer family planning, maternal and child health services and health education.
  • Family Planning Clinics (FPC) offer family planning and health education services.

The 4 specialized hospitals in Mauritius

  • Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) Hospital - temporarily converted to a specialized center for the treatment of COVID-19-positive patients;
  • Brown Sequard Psychiatric Hospital in Beau-Bassin;
  • Subrahmanyam Bharati Eye Hospital in Moka;
  • Poudre d'Or Chest Hospital.

Private clinics in Mauritius

Private clinics offer facilities that are often more modern than in the public sector and cover a wide range of medical specialties.

The C-Care Mauritius clinics include C-Care Darné, C-Care Wellkin (Moka), C-Care Grand Bay and C-Care Tamarin. 

The specialties are numerous: Cardiology - Chiropractic - Dental - Dermatology - Diabetes and Endocrinology - Ear - Gastroenterology - General and Laparoscopic Surgery - General Medicine - Geriatrics (care of the elderly) - In vitro fertilization (IVF) - Internal Medicine - Physiotherapy - Nephrology - Neurology and neurosurgery - Obstetrics and gynecology - Occupational medicine - Oncology - Ophthalmology - Orthopedics - Osteopathy - Pediatric surgery - Pediatrics and neonatology - Physiotherapy and paramedical care - Plastic surgery, Plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery - Pneumology - Psychiatry - Psychology - Radiology - Respiratory medicine - Rheumatology - Urology - Vascular surgery.

City Clinic

102 - 106, Sir Edgar Laurent Street, Port-Louis

Phone: (230) 242 04 86

Fax: (230) 216 01 56

E-mail: [email protected]


Clinique Darné by C-Care

Georges Guibert Street, Floréal

Phone: (230) 601 23 00

Fax: (230) 696 36 12 (Admin)

Fax: (230) 696 12 09 (Medical)

E-mail : [email protected]


Wellkin Hospital


Phone: (230) 605 10 00

Fax: (230) 605 11 00

Emergencies: 132

E-mail: [email protected]


Grand Bay Medical and Diagnostic Centre

Sottise Road - Grand Bay

Phone: (230) 263 12 12

Fax: (230) 263 08 88

Clinique du Nord

81, Coastal Road - Tombeau Bay

Phone: (230) 247 25 32

Fax: (230) 247 12 54

E-mail: [email protected]


Antenne Pointes aux Canonniers

(Mauritius Clinic)

Royal Road- Pointe-aux-Canonniers

Phone: (230) 263 10 10

Fax: (230) 263 1963

E-mail: [email protected]

Nouvelle Clinique Ferriere 

College Lane - Curepipe

Phone: (230) 676 33 32

Fax: (230) 675 11 24

E-mail: [email protected]


Clinics & specialized medical centers

Labourdonnais Dental Clinic

Beau Plateau Road

Labourdonnais, Mapou

Phone: (230) 266 26 85

Fax: (230) 266 26 83

E-mail: [email protected]


Center for Aesthetic Surgery of the Indian Ocean

Morcellement Jhuboo - Avenue des Rougets

(50 Mt on the left of the Police Station)

22304 - Trou aux Biches, Mauritius

Phone: ( 230) 265 50 50


Centre de Cardiologie des Mascareignes

Georges Guibert Street, Floréal

Phone: (230) 696 34 00

Fax: (230) 696 36 12

E-mail: [email protected]

Medical laboratories

Flacq Medical Laboratory (Biosanté)

Eastern College Lane, Central Flacq 

Phone: (230) 413 51 14

Fax: (230) 413 51 14


Medical & Surgical Laboratory (Fortis Clinic Darné)

Georges Guibert Street, Floréal

Tel: (230) 601 23 00

Fax: (230) 696 12 09


Medisave Medical Centre Laboratory

29 St Jean Road, Quatre-Bornes

Phone: (230) 427 70 00

Fax: (230) 424 15 38

Clinique Ferrière Laboratory (Medical Analysis Laboratory)

Gajadhur Lane, Curepipe

Phone: (230) 676 33 32

Fax: (230) 675 11 24


La Clinique Mauricienne Laboratory


Phone: (230) 454 30 61

Fax: (230) 464 88 13

Medical Care Laboratory Services

58 SSR St, Port-Louis

Phone: (230) 242 00 45

Fax: (230) 413 56 18

Lab Point Medical

22, Jummah Mosque St, Port-Louis

Phone: (230) 216 53 62

Fax: (230) 216 29 98

Medical Diagnostic Laboratory

4, Shan-E-Islam Lane, Impasse Labourdonnais St


Phone: (230) 210 52 26

Fax: (230) 210 52 26

Vacoas Laboratory & Medical Center

John Kennedy Street, Vacoas

Phone: (230) 697 06 43

Fax: (230) 698 88 17

Candos Clinic

Opposite Victoria Hospital, Quatres Bornes

Phone: 230 425 7711

Fax: 230 425 7722

North Medical Center

Royal Road, Pointe aux Canonniers

Phone: 230 263 1010

Fax: 230 263 1963

Challeng' Hair (Mtius) Ltd

Avenue des Rougets, Morc Jhuboo, Trou aux Biches

Phone: 230 265 5050

Fax : 230 265 6060

Chisty Shifa Clinic

4, Shan-E-Islam Street, Impasse Labourdonnais, Port Louis

Phone: 230 211 5157

Fax: 230 211 4647

Grand Bay Clinic

Sottise Road, Grand Baie

[email protected]

Phone: 230 263 1212

Fax: 230 263 0888

Clinique de L'Occident

Royal Road, Flic en Flac

Phone: 230 453 5858, 230 453 5859

Fax: 230 453 5860

Muller Clinic

Avenue Higginson, Curepipe

Phone: 230 670 2911

Fax: 230 676 2895

Dr Agarwal's Eye Hospital

Lot E 406, Rue des Arts, Morc Bega, Ebene 

Phone: 230 454 9623

Fax: 320 454 9621

La Clinique Mauricienne


Phone: 230 454 3061

Fax: 230 464 8813

Les Mariannes Wellness Sanctuary 

Royal Road, New Congomah

[email protected]

Phone: 230 243 9200

Fax: 230 243 8998

Medisave Medical Centre

29, St Jean Road, Quatre Bornes

[email protected]

Phone: 230 427 7000

Fax: 230 424 3815

Nouvelle clinique du Bon Pasteur

Mgr J. Mamet St, Rose Hill

Phone: 230 464 2640

Fax: 230 466 1618

Nouvelle Clinique Ferriere 

College Lane, Curepipe

Phone: 230 676 3332

Fax: 230 675 1124

Stella Maris Clinic

Trois Boutiques Lane, Triolet

[email protected]

Phone: 230 261 0792, 230 261 0735

Fax: 230 261 0797, 230 261 1342

St. Jean Clinic 

Royal Road, Belle Rose

[email protected]

Phone: 230 466 2170, 230 466 1544

Fax: 230 466 1903

St. Patrick Clinic 

Blue Shell Complex, Flic en Flac

Phone: 230 453 9800

Fax: 230 453 9880

Aegle Medical and Surgical Ltd

Francois Mitterrand Road, Central Flacq

Phone: 230 460 5500

Fax: 230 420 1555

For pathologies requiring travel outside the island, patients can go to the health centers of Reunion Island. In particular, the Félix Guyon University Hospital in Saint-Denis and its southern sites in Saint-Pierre, Saint-Joseph and Cilaos have high-performance technical facilities.

Doctors' offices in Mauritius

Of course, Mauritius has a large number of doctors' offices. Find in your search engine a complete list of doctors in your area.

Please note that doctors are usually listed according to the area in which you live, so do not hesitate to change the region if necessary on your search engine.

Useful link:

Ministry of Health and Welfare  

Settling down in Mauritius if you suffer from a chronic disease

If you suffer from a chronic disease and are taking medication, take the time to find out about the availability of your prescriptions before your departure.

If possible, plan to have sufficient stock to maintain your treatment during the first months after your arrival in Mauritius.

All treatments must be supported by a prescription: have this document at hand to present to customs upon arrival.

Moving to Mauritius with a disability

To counter the effects of the crisis that followed the COVID-19 pandemic, Mauritius is also banking on social inclusion as an economic lever. As a result, the government plans to approach organizations to make services, communities and workplaces more accessible to people with disabilities.

The presentation of the 2022/2023 budget by the Minister of Finance, Renganaden Padayachy, included various measures, including financial ones, to make this large-scale initiative a reality.

Training of public agents in sign language, news bulletin in sign language twice a week, installation of equipment on certain beaches to allow people in wheelchairs to access the sea, installation of 40 floating beach wheelchairs, etc. While these measures are mostly available to the most disadvantaged Mauritians, they testify to the will of Mauritius to finally adapt to people with disabilities.

As for parents, here is an official list of the many NGOs that work tirelessly for the development of children with disabilities in Mauritius.

Pharmacies and medication in Mauritius

Foreigners traveling to Mauritius are allowed to bring common medicines for their personal use, provided that they carry a copy of the prescription at all times and that the medication has been dispensed in a pharmacy. 

Tranquilizers, hypnotics, narcotics and other strong analgesics require prior authorization from the Ministry of Health. 

When you are there, don't hesitate to ask your pharmacist if they can order the medication you need but have run out of, always on presentation of a valid prescription.

Good to know:

Some medicines are not available in Mauritius, according to expatriates living on the island. These discussions on the English and French forums of the site have been created in order to list medications that may not be available. Do not hesitate to ask our members for advice.

Social Security in Mauritius

There is a social security system in Mauritius. However, it does not cover the whole health sector.

Indeed, the "Mauritian Social Security" covers old age pensions, severe disabilities, eyeglasses, disability pensions, social assistance, rice and flour allowances, some funeral expenses (under conditions), redundancy, single mothers, children whose fathers are in prison, hearing aids, wheelchairs, elderly welfare and some loans (under conditions).

It is advised to check with the authorities in your country beforehand to see if there are any agreements between your local social security system and that of Mauritius.

It is also recommended to take out international health insurance before departure.

Mandatory medical examinations before moving to Mauritius

Applicants for an Occupation Permit or a Residence Permit in Mauritius are required to undergo a series of mandatory medical examinations: 

Blood tests for:

  • Hemoglobin and complete blood count ;
  • Hepatitis B surface antigen;
  • HIV test for AIDS;
  • VDRL test (for syphilis);
  • Urine tests for albumin and sugar;
  • Stool parasite test;
  • Chest X-ray;
  • Lymphatic Filariasis (nationals of India, Bangladesh, Madagascar, Brazil, Comoros, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Indonesia, Kenya, Mozambique, Nepal, Nigeria, Philippines, Tanzania, Uganda and Vietnam);
  • Leprosy (Indian nationals).

Among these tests, the following 3 must be performed in Mauritius in any local private medical laboratory or in a clinic registered with the Ministry of Health and Welfare:

  • Hepatitis B surface antigen,
  • HIV
  • Chest X-ray.

Other tests can be done in the traveler's country before arrival in Mauritius or in Mauritius itself.


  • All test results must be submitted to a local doctor, who will issue a medical certificate after an examination. The medical certificate and the reports of the 3 tests performed in Mauritius (HIV, Hepatitis B surface antigen and chest x-ray) must be submitted at the time of application for a resident and work permit. 
  • No application for an occupation permit will be accepted if there is evidence that the applicant is suffering from an infectious or contagious disease.
  • Medical tests must not have been performed more than 6 months prior to the date of application.
  • The chest x-ray must be signed by a radiologist.
  • Children under the age of 12 will require a medical certificate after a clinical examination. 
  • Appropriate medical examinations, including chest x-rays and blood tests, should only be performed if requested by the physician.

Useful links:

Medical Certificate (page 25-26)

List of certified private clinics (page 27-28)

List of certified laboratories (page 28-30)

We do our best to provide accurate and up to date information. However, if you have noticed any inaccuracies in this article, please let us know in the comments section below.