Cost of child birth (without medical cover)

My husband and I have just moved over and found out I’m pregnant.

We’re not sure how things will work with medical aid as we haven’t yet switched over.

He is a Mauritian citizen and I’ll get residency in a few weeks as we have applied.

Does anyone know cost of child birth in Apollo or Daren without medical cover?

Appreciate anyone’s help in advance!


Cost of giving birth in Wellkin hospital (previously know as Apollo) C section plus baby care without complication with 3 days hospitalization both mother and baby around Rs 110k to Rs 130k.

1.  What is an estimate cost for delivery at Wellkin Hospital?
A cesarean is between Rs 85,000-Rs 90,000.
A normal delivery is at Rs 41,000-Rs 46,000
A normal delivery with epidural is at Rs 55,000-Rs 60,000

Thank you! That’s so kind.

How did you find the hospital and staff?


It was excellent and experience care by the female Gynae Dr Shilpa Sinha, the maternity and nursery ward staffs are very friendly and caring. They also provide free antenatal class as well.

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