Best banks for expats in Mauritius

As an expat in Mauritius, choosing your bank wisely is essential. As you will see below, there are several categories that may be more or less suitable for you, depending on your needs. recommends you the following banking establishments.

Local banks

Indispensable for your everyday life in Mauritius: receiving your salary in the local currency, paying your rent or doing your shopping.

Through our spectrum of services (ranging from wealth management solutions to specialised financing and day-to-day banking products and services) together with a dedicated team of Private Bankers, we can help you make informed decisions to maximise the returns on your investments and build your sustainable future.

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Premium banking for expats

The following banking establishments are experts in global personal banking, designed specifically for expatriates.

As a bank focused on those living and working abroad, HSBC Expat offers expert banking and wealth management services, providing expats with a secure, central place to easily manage and grow their money, no matter where they move.

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Neobanks, for those who travel a lot

With minimal account maintenance fees and cheaper international money transfers compared to traditional banks, neobanks are made for you if you are preparing for your move abroad or if you travel internationally quite often (for work or holiday purposes).

A multi-currency account cheaper than a traditional bank. Made for frequent travellers or expatriates to spend their money abroad without hidden fees, using the real exchange rate and holding and converting money in 56 different currencies.

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