Cost of having braces in Mauritius

Hello everybody. I have been looking for an affordable cost of an orthodontist to align my teeth. Anyone?

Thank you


The cost can vary greatly from one dentist to the other. From MUR 10,000 to 20,000 or even more.
Darné Clinic in Curepipe has a good dental facility

Thank you Mr WinstonH.

Curepipe would be 1:15 ride from flacq by bus. To go for the  monthly visit and to travel back and forth would be a bit challenge for me. One that is closer would be better.

I don't know any dentist in the Flacq/Eastern region unfortunately. Hope someone else here can help you.

for real i thought it would cost me Rs80, 000....
can i pay monthly??

Rs 80,000 is too much to pay. Generally, in the country where I came from, patients pay their orthodontist monthly until it finish. And minimum downpayment depends on how much your total fees. Some orthodontist will ask you to pay  about 35,000-60,000 depending on how bad your teeth are. The total fees will be divided on how long you will be going. For example, the total fees 50,000 this amount will be divided into 24 months or sometimes 36 months( if you have a crooked teeth), equal the amount you will pay monthly. And the reason that patients pay monthly is every month that patient will go see the orthodontist for tightening of the braces. I don't know how it goes here in Mauritius as I am still looking for an orthodontist closeby.

thank you very much...your answer is really helpful🔅

My let me know when you find one


yes of course, don't worry😇

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