Accommodation in Mauritius

Accommodation in Mauritius
Updated 2019-06-07 15:17

In order to find a place to call home in Mauritius, you need patience and a good sense of awareness and judgement. Here is all that you need to know if you're looking for accommodation. 

Lease in Mauritius

Renting a villa or apartment (flat) in Mauritius is not hard to do for non-residents or non-citizens. As a general rule, accommodation for rent usually comes furnished and equipped with the essential household appliances.

Leases are usually long-term and are renewable yearly. One or two months' rent is usually required as a deposit. Accommodation rented for a short period tends to be more expensive. It is highly recommended that the tenant requests an inventory that lists all the items provided with the apartment before signing the lease agreement, and takes pictures of the property before moving in.

Utilities such as water (CWA) and electricity (CEB) are sometimes included in the rent, but not usually. A heating system is not necessary in Mauritius, although some parts of the island do get cold during the winter months, and many prefer to have a heater. Air conditioning however, is usually a plus, especially during the summer months from October to April, but most people can do without, and having a fan is usually enough. If you choose to hire a real estate agent, you will be asked to pay a commission, usually amounting to a month's rent.

Rent prices

Prices fluctuate based on your expectations and requirements, such as the view, and whether it's an inland or beach-front property, close to the city center and amenities, and facilities such as a swimming pool, security, furniture, and a gym.

As a reference, indicative prices for a two-bedroom house are as follow, but these vary according to the landlord as well, so these prices are to be taken with a grain of salt:

  • Rs7,000 to Rs10,000 inland
  • Rs15,000 to Rs25,000 near tourist areas
  • Rs35,000 to Rs60,000 for a waterfront villa.

Good to know:

Classified ads and word-of-mouth are a good way to find accommodation in Mauritius. For new expatriates, it is preferable to either stay in a hotel first while looking for a long-term home, or rent on a short-term basis and spend some time visiting places before making your final decision.

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