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Wondering about transportation in Mauritius? The following local transportation system guide has been created with the purpose of facilitating your travel experience during your stay on the island.


The Mauritian bus network system serves as a low-cost option for travelling around the island. Bus routes are divided into two main types: regular and express. Nowadays, there is air conditioning on the majority of buses in Mauritius.

Buses operate from 5 am to 6:30 pm in rural areas and from 5 am to 8 pm in urban areas. Express buses operate less frequently, however, they present a major advantage as they have fewer stops and pass via the highway, thus making the journey faster. If you plan to travel from one end of the island to the other, you will need to make at least one transfer. Bus tickets can be purchased directly from the conductors. There are no weekly or monthly passes available.


Air Mauritius provides approximately 30 weekly flights to and from major European cities, including three flights between London and Mauritius. You can also book flights to other major UK cities, such as Manchester, Birmingham, Glasgow, Edinburgh and Newcastle. Other airlines that serve Mauritius include Air Austral, Air Seychelles, South African Airways, Air Zimbabwe, Kenya Airways, Condor, Air India, British Airways, Emirates, Corsair Fly and Turkish Airlines.


At the date of publishing, the Trochetia is the only ship in service between Mauritius and Rodrigues. A boat trip to Rodrigues can be an attractive choice for those looking to save money, as it is cheaper than air transfer. Nevertheless, the disadvantage of travelling by boat is that the trip takes up to 48 hours.

The port of embarkment is located in Port Louis, and boarding begins one hour prior to departure. The Trochetia serves both as a cargo and passenger ferry. It can accommodate a maximum of 112 passengers exclusively in cabins of different categories (luxury, semi-luxury, first and second class).

Car rentals

Depending on your budget and preferences, you can find both large international car rental agencies and small local rental companies in Mauritius. For long-term leases, discounted fees may apply. Insurance is generally included in the rental price, and in cases of breakdown, agencies arrange a replacement vehicle.

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