Internships in Mauritius

Internships in Mauritius
Updated 2019-06-06 15:28

There are many opportunities to do internships in Mauritius, in various fields. In fact, many young professionals choose Mauritius for a chance to grow their skills, improve their English or French, while exploring a tropical island rich in cultural experiences for a few months. 

Growth Sectors

There are many different sectors that welcome interns in Mauritius, including:

IT - Real Estate - Hospitality ' Telecommunication - Management - Information and Communication Technologies - Finance - Architecture ' International Finance - Languages - SME and retail - Leisure - Tourism - Human resources - Marketing ' Mechanical Engineering - Events - Logistics - Psychology ' Graphic Design - Electrical Engineering ' Construction Engineering - Gastronomy - Environment - Media, etc.


To be able to do an internship in Mauritius, interns and trainees must have the relevant visa, which must be obtained before arrival, from the Mauritian consular or embassy in their country of residence. This rule applies to all types of internships, whether short-term or long-term. For an internship longer than three months, interns need to apply for a Resident Permit.

Good to know:
It is up to the company hiring the intern to follow the procedures and pay the relevant administrative fees for the Residence Permit.

The complete application requires the following documents:

  • An application requesting authorisation to do an internship in Mauritius, and a statement that the internship is not subject to a salary
  • An internship agreement signed by the employer and the intern
  • A certificate of internship issued by the company
  • A letter (internship plan) from the host company stating the company's name, address, telephone number, address of the internship place, start and end dates of the internship, internship assignments, and the name of the internship supervisor
  • A copy of the ticket
  • A certificate of accommodation
  • A copy of the first four pages (including the bio-data page) of the passport
  • An invitation letter from the company
  • A bank certificate from the parents or the applicant (please note that it must be a certificate from the banker, and a banking statement will not be accepted)
  • Two passport-sized photos
  • A medical certificate clearing the intern of contagious diseases, and stating that their vaccines are up to date
  • A copy of the intern's Individual Liability Insurance

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