Local leave payment

Hi everyone, I worked two and eight months in a call center in Mauritius.

I left the company, by there was about +15 local leaves left.

Is the company obliged to refund me these local leaves ?

I have a strong doubt....

Please help me

local leaves applicable if still your the employee of the Call center. If you raise high issue then as per there policy they might be pay you. You should check there terms and conditions or your offer letter.

wilson_derry, have you ever worked in Mauritius ? (I mean, rules and laws are not the same everywhere...)

Okay thank you

But the problem I think the HR lied to me, on my payslip there was a higher salary, but he paid me a lot lesser, explaining to me that the payslip is auto-generated and it is wrong...

So I was sort of obliged to accept what he said...

And after an employee resigns his work in Mauritius, according to the law, should the company pay him a month of salary in surplus ?

In case of resignation, NOT in case of 'firing' the employee..


I guess that if you resign, the company doesn't have to pay anything. You should call a "bureau du travail" asap

@ Julien, i never worked in Mauritius but worked for BPO (business processing outsourcing) industries i know the international companies laws are applicable the same, but if you leave the company  by your own than your not applicable for single penny.

It's a bit belated, but at least this post could be useful to others.

Labour laws are not universal meaning that each country has its specificities.

Local leave can be taken only after approval of the employer, except in case of emergency.

Local leaves are refunded at the end of the year in case you applied for same, but were not so granted because of exigencies of the service