Are teaching jobs available for over 55 year old retired South African teachers?
Or are there opportunities for TEFL JOBS?
My husband and I want to relocate to Mauritius e both are fluent English teachers with over 30 years experience .

2 career sites that will be of interest to jobhunters:




There is also currently 533 Mauritius job ads on LinkedIn:


I am 61 and want torelicate to Mauritius in January 2022. I have been teaching English in private schools for 23 years. I teach 6th graders. Do I have an opportunity to teach the English language in Mauritius either full time or part time?

Apologies I meant to type... I want to relocate .

I also want to relocate, however, I have years of homeschool teaching plus informal teaching of writing skills, speech writing and communication to groups of learners as well as individuals. I have TEFL only and now am not able to find any employment anywhere. In such a predicament and I am turning 54 and live alone. Please - any ideas would be incredible.

My experience no --- I got a PhD and did not find anything in Mauritius for five years. But online abroad is possible. I now teach at one of the London universities online. There are 500 Rs an hour private teaching possible, but you need to travel to the pupil's home etc. around 500-600 Rs is the maximum that parents can afford. There are already a lot of teachers giving private tuition, and they are well qualified. Mauritians are very well qualified, and many have university degrees and masters. Visas are very difficult to get.