General medical practioner job in Mauritius

Can I get a general medical practioner job??


It is very complicated.

In the pubic sector, they employ only locals, at times foreigners but quite rare nowadays.

You will have to reach out to private clinics and enquire about vacancies or go through their websites. Since there are medical colleges in Mauritius, it is less and less probable to employ a foreign GP :

- etc (try google)
- Create an advert in the Healthcare job offers in Mauritius

You could  hire the services of a Recruitment Agencies in Mauritius but it will take time. Furthermore, to be able to practice here, one has to register with the medical council, provide a series of documents and take an exam.


Thanks for the information, I am a British  Radiologist hoping to move to Mauritius in -2 years.

Anoushka, is there a centralised website with all the medical jobs currently available ? I understand most available to foreigners will be through private sector ?

Thanks for your help
Hi mlhickson,

Unfortunately, there is no centralised website for both public and private sector.
For positions in the public sector, all vacancies are posted here :

As for the private sector(private clinics etc), you will find their vacancies posted on regular job boards, FB pages or their own websites' career section.

All the best,

"Hi", "please", "thanks" and a proper introduction would be appreciated 1f609.svg
Thanks very much Anoushka, that's so helpful. Do you know if you get alot of UK doctors working in Mauritius? I have been in touch with the Mauritian medical council & they have given me a list of documentation they require but not said anything about an exam (although I guess it will be different depending on the medical specialty, I am a breast & paediatric radiologist)

Many thanks again,
Hi Melissa,

I don't know any foreign doctor, but most doctors I know if not all, have studied abroad (UK, India or Australia)...The British High Commission has a list of "recommended" doctors/professionals and by the look of the names published (it is just an assumption), I don't see any UK doctor : … pdated.pdf

The exam I mentioned is required in certain cases (GP - they can be exempted as well) :
Thanks for this information Anoushka, I am really hoping to be able to work there in the next couple of years so will reach out to the private sector. It would be good to look at public sector too though despite how rare it might be for foreigners. I'm hoping my experience as a consultant will help