How to get a job as a health care worker-Optometrist

Good day everyone, How can I get a job in Mauritius, which site can I use in  search of a job to get one, and how easy is it to get a job as a health care worker, as an Optometrist to be precise?. Thanks.

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Optometrists in Mauritius either practice in the public sector or the private sector. Some very well known professionals have their own stores/brands. The Opticians Registration Board (Registered Optometrist) provides licences to work in that field.

Being a regulated profession, you need to assess your qualifications first :

As for job hunting, the best way would be to contact the different specialised clinics and apply through the career section.

Recently, Optissimo was looking for an optometrist (you will see the ad on fb, search for

Some other leads (many more on google search) :

As a foreigner, you will either need a work or occupation permit to work and live here. You will find all the relevant information in the Visas in Mauritius section of the Mauritius Guide.

Also, feel free to get in touch with the Mauritius medical council for official infos.

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Thank you very much dear, this is very helpful.