Salaries in Mauritius


I found this list on, wondering if anybody with first hand knowledge can tell me if these salaries are realistic?
Also, could someone please tell me, is Rs the same as MUR.. ie both Mauritian Rupee or is Rs Indian Rupee?

[1]   Corporate Director (Executive and Management)    550,000 MUR
[2]   Chief Operating Officer (Executive and Management)    400,000 MUR
[3]   Executive Director (Executive and Management)    400,000 MUR
[4]   Chief Executive Officer (Executive and Management)    150,000 MUR
[5]   Human Resources Manager (Human Resources)    146,400 MUR
[6]   Paralegal (Legal)    129,167 MUR
[7]   Chief Financial Officer (CFO) (Executive and Management)    125,000 MUR
[8]   Senior Accountant (Accounting and Finance)    110,000 MUR
[9]   Auditing Manager (Accounting and Finance)    100,000 MUR
[10]   Interior Designer (Architecture)    90,000 MUR
[11]   Telecommunications Engineer (Telecommunication)    83,333 MUR
[12]   IT Manager (Information Technology)    60,000 MUR
[13]   Legal Advisor (Legal)    60,000 MUR
[14]   Legal Services Manager (Legal)    60,000 MUR
[15]   Civil Engineer (Engineering)    60,000 MUR
[16]   PHP Developer (Information Technology)    55,000 MUR
[17]   Business Development Officer (Banking)    55,000 MUR
[18]   Mechanical Engineer (Engineering)    50,000 MUR
[19]   Accounting Manager (Accounting and Finance)    48,000 MUR
[20]   Operations Manager (Executive and Management)    41,667 MUR
[21]   Webmaster (Information Technology)    41,000 MUR
[22]   Accountant (Accounting and Finance)    40,000 MUR
[23]   Construction Supervisor (Construction / Building / Installation)    40,000 MUR
[24]   Human Resources Assistant Manager (Human Resources)    40,000 MUR
[25]   Sales Representative (Sales Retail and Wholesale)    39,000 MUR
[26]   Accounts Receivable Manager (Accounting and Finance)    37,000 MUR
[27]   Java Developer (Information Technology)    36,333 MUR
[28]   Project Manager (Information Technology)    35,000 MUR
[29]   Operations Analyst (Administration / Reception / Secretarial)    35,000 MUR
[30]   Six Sigma Black Belt (Quality Control and Compliance)    35,000 MUR
[31]   Administrative Manager (Administration / Reception / Secretarial)    31,000 MUR
[32]   System Administrator (Information Technology)    31,000 MUR
[33]   Veterinary Office Manager (Pet Care)    30,000 MUR
[34]   Sales and Marketing Assistant (Marketing)    30,000 MUR
[35]   Developer / Programmer (General) (Information Technology)    30,000 MUR
[36]   Quality Control Supervisor (Quality Control and Compliance)    30,000 MUR
[37]   Auditor ( internal ) (Accounting and Finance)    27,000 MUR
[38]   Administrative Assistant (Administration / Reception / Secretarial)    26,833 MUR
[39]   Health and Safety Officer (Construction / Building / Installation)    26,000 MUR
[40]   Project Leader (Information Technology)    25,000 MUR
[41]   Accounting Assistant (Accounting and Finance)    24,650 MUR
[42]   Payroll Supervisor (Human Resources)    21,333 MUR
[43]   Copy Writing (Marketing)    21,000 MUR
[44]   Chef (Food /Hospitality / Tourism / Catering)    21,000 MUR
[45]   Software Engineer (Information Technology)    21,000 MUR
[46]   Business Analyst (Business Planning)    21,000 MUR
[47]   Internal Compliance Officer (Quality Control and Compliance)    20,000 MUR
[48]   Design Engineer (Engineering)    18,000 MUR
[49]   Human Resources (HR) Officer (Human Resources)    18,000 MUR
[50]   Research Assistant (Business Planning)    17,000 MUR
[51]   Retail Store Sales Person (Sales Retail and Wholesale)    15,500 MUR
[52]   Teller (Banking)    14,000 MUR
[53]   Records Clerk (Human Resources)    14,000 MUR
[54]   Accounting Clerk (Accounting and Finance)    13,000 MUR
[55]   Customer Care Representative (Customer Service and Call Center)    10,300 MUR
[56]   Auditor (Quality Control and Compliance)    10,300 MUR
[57]   Secretary (Administration / Reception / Secretarial)    9,667 MUR
[58]   Purchasing Assistant (Purchasing and Inventory)    9,000 MUR
[59]   Auditor ( external ) (Accounting and Finance)    6,000 MUR

Thanks in advance :)

MUR is generally used to signify Mauritian Rupees.

The salaries seem to indicate a 'MONTHLY' salary as well in several cases.
If you take the fact that there is about 50 MUR to 1 £  then in my former career with computers  in the UK

something like Developer / Programmer (General) (Information Technology)    30,000 MUR  does give an annual salary in Mauritius of 360,000 MUR which is around £7200.  Of course things are different in the UK with many prices costs of living etc.

So in my view these do seem to be fairly correct but must only be used as a guideline as many companies in Mauritius at senior levels offer other benefits that are not included below

the amount indicated, is that the current rate if i may ask?
am talking about the salaries.

Thanks for your reply Lesjar :)

Clintonjay, the website doesn't appear to indicate any dates of when the data was collected, which is why I was also wondering if the figures are accurate/current.
I have been looking on some of the MU job search sites.. not much advertised and the few that I did find have ridiculously low salaries.
Would love to hear from other South Africans in terms of where/how they approached the job hunt.

Alright then.

In my opinion the salary are very unrealistic. Gaps always exist but some of the values are off by a lot.
Contact me with specific roles if you want a more realistic salary range.


Thanks so much for your reply Deenesh, I will definitely contact you as soon as I have all my ducks in a row.
Have a great day.



Anyone knows, in mauritius how much one can earn as an IT specialist with a degree, and is a  microsoft certified? thanks

Hello Uzma,

Starting salary of developers begin with roughly MUR 18,000 and can go as high as 6 figures depending on the experience and sector. Microsoft certifications is usually not considered when determining the salary but it will help to get you into more interviews.

Hope this helps.

Thanks Deenesh.

Hi Deenesh,

which is better working as an IT specialist or IT auditor? how much an IT auditor earns, if working in the big 4, like deloitte? thanks

The Defi Plus newspaper published yesterday on several pages wage structures of various jobs. I haven't been able to find it online but it should be listed here soon: Ministry of Labour, Industrial Relations, Employment and Training

I am IT engineer and working in Mauritius more than 12years.
10years a go salary was very low in informatic and technology sector,  but since 2010 sala ry increased to minimum Rs25k, because government encourage IT sector to create more jobs.
if you have more than 5years experience its suposed you  earn minimum  Rs35k/month.
hop this info will help you.

Thanks for the Intel. It's definitely going to come in handy at salary negotiations.

Kindy give me an idea of english speaking secondary school tuition fees in mauritius

Anyone knows what an educator could earn in mauritius.. private schools

Hi, i wanted to ask if you guys probably know the minimum wage an expat needs to earn in mauritius to get the working visa?

Thanks a lot

not realistic

whynotmimi wrote:

Hi, i wanted to ask if you guys probably know the minimum wage an expat needs to earn in mauritius to get the working visa?

Thanks a lot

Is there such a thing?

I would think that as long as you have a legitimate job for some company, they will let you in.

Granted, no expat would come to Mauritius to earn Rs.8000 a month. You'll barely survive.

whynotmimi wrote:

Hi, i wanted to ask if you guys probably know the minimum wage an expat needs to earn in mauritius to get the working visa?

Thanks a lot

Yes actually. You can check board of investment of mauritius' website.
For Occupation Permit:
"Professional: Basic salary should exceed MUR 45,000 monthly. However, the basic salary for the category of Professional in the ICT Sector should exceed MUR 30, 000 monthly."

For me, the salaries are somewhat realistic. I know the IT sector very well. A php developer can start from  Rs 15000 but an experienced Php Developer who also has great front end skills can earn more than Rs 60000. Some companies are structured this way
Associate software engineer : Salary between Rs 14000 and Rs 18000
Software Engineer : Salary between Rs 18000 and Rs 26000
Senior Software Engineer : Salary between Rs 26000 and Rs 34000
Team leader : Salary between Rs 30000 and Rs 40000
Associate Manager : Salary between Rs 40000 and Rs 55000.
Then you can go up ...

But technical jobs, like Solution Architects, can earn more than a team leader, it will depend in which sector.
Financial jobs, you can earn more on average than IT, like in accounting with ACCA level 2 or 3, if u work in banks, insurance, investment firms etc. Engineers also get more, you have to work in private sector but public sector does offer benefits as well. Architects are a another niche job here. They earn more than engineers.

I would like to know the average salary in Mauritius of a degree holder with 4 years working experience in Architecture.

I'll go with ajmald. The figures seem a bit high but with a deeper look, I should say the salaries look realistic.  These are in the range that we come across in our various recruitment campaigns that we do for our clients.

To also take into consideration 'Remuneration orders'. These are published regulations issued by the Government and defines minimums in relation to industry sectors.

Hi, anyone in HR would have an idea of the average salary for positions such as procurement / purchasing director ? What would be a trustful source of information concerning salary ranges and typical advantages ? Many thanks

Totally agreed with ur comment

Does anybody know what salary a teacher could expect?

Please i want to ask about salary of...
Store manager of supermarket
Ass store manager of supermarket
Sales man
Supervisor of sales man
Casher in super market or resturant


If you on an occupational permit the minimum you can earn is Rs60000 and if on a work permit the minimum is Rs30000.

Giddey61 wrote:

If you on an occupational permit the minimum you can earn is Rs60000 and if on a work permit the minimum is Rs30000.

Not exactly right:

Occupation permit : Rs 60,000 except for IT which is Rs30,000
Work Permit: What ever the employer is willing to pay assuming the  MINISTRY OF LABOUR, INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS, EMPLOYMENT AND TRAINING which delivers such papers depending on the eligibility criteria for such a permit.


I'm hoping someone can point me in the right direction. I'm looking for reliable info relating to salaries for payroll administrators and payroll compliance specialists in Mauritius?

Those salaries seem very low and do not appear to be representative of expat packages.

An expat package in the US as an example is NOT the same as an expat package for Hong-Kong or Germany.
All comes down on the country, supply and demand for " difficult" countries ( read security et al.)
Don't know how you are comparing.
Reason: Expat packages are ONLY for 2 pr 3 years unless one wants to go and work in certain ME or Sub-Saharan countries.

@LeighSA  Hello minimum wages salary now rs 15000

    @LeighSA  Hello minimum wages salary now rs 15000


and where is your information about the 15k from?

When do some research on the MRA-Homepage we find this:

"The National minimum wage payable to a full time employee for the calendar year ending 31 December 2023 is as follows:

For an employee of a Non-Export Enterprise - Rs 11,575

For an employee of an Export Enterprise – Rs 10,875" … -employees


Indeed, the minimum wage/salary is not Rs 15,000

The Govt introduced as of 1st July 2023  the « Revenu Minimum Garanti » of Rs 15,000. Employees earning less than Rs 15,000 receive a monthly financial aid as compensation which when added amounts to minimum Rs 15,000 (CSG/income allowance + Negative income tax)

@Jareehag, I recommend you post only official infos.

I would also recommend members not to revive all threads as they might be outdated.


Hi its MUR not Indian Rupees