Can an indian dentist work in Mauritius ?

Anyone knows Indian dentist can work in Mauritius ?

Yes indeed . As a proffessional u can . Checkout this link for more details : … ce-permit/

Where is the link ?

I don't know. It's still under review. Sending u in PM. Check inbox.

The most difficult thing is to get accreditation from the Dental Council. This is mandatory to get an Occupation Permit and be able to practice in Mauritius. As far as I know the Dental council is not too favorable to foreign dentists.

Thanks for information. Temporary registration is possible ?

Thank you

Would like to know whether 60k mauritian rupees as basic and 60k as allowance sufficient for a foreign specialist dentist in mauritius.would like to get all help possible in this matter please.kindly do guide
Thanks in advance


im a Dentist from Germany, also a remote Business Owner. I am curious to migrate to Mauritius as an entrepreneur and move my company there. At the same time I would like to register as a dentist, to have the option to open my own practice for foreigners there (If this is possible.)

Is it possible to register in Mauritius as a foreign dentist, and if so what are the conditions?
Im incredibly thankful for any helpful information.

Thank you!

Hello Momogermany,

You will find all the requirements for registration at the Dental Council of Mauritius here :

For further information concerning residency and investments/permits etc, I suggest that you contact the EDB :


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