Opening a car rental business in Mauritius

Good morning.
I am Nolan and currently residing in Mauritius. I would like to know the conditions and know exactly what needs to be done and all the licenses/papers needed to open a car rental company, along with the fees.
Can anyone guide me through the process? Thank you.

I  am assuming that you are a Mauritian citizen to be eligible or a representative of a tour company … ar_Licence

Dear Nolan

Whilst not discouraging you in your venture, I would say that, other than the sector of car-rental being quite saturated, the timing for such a venture is not the right one.

Indeed, car-rental activities rely mainly on tourists, who are quite few these days.

Whilst there are echoes of the opening of the frontiers in mid-January 2021 a little bit more widely than now, there are chances that the conditions attached thereto could deter tourists to fly in.

Still, there are quite other promising businesses where there are much space to be captured, and which are also generously supported by the government. I present quite a few to the EDB for some expat Clients.

Still, I wish you success in the event you are impassioned with the car-rental activities and want to go for it ... at all costs.