Power outages

I'll be coming to Mauritius next year as a digital nomad and have a few questions about power outages.

1. If you are a digital nomad, how have you learned to prepare so that you can still do your work without interruption?

2. Do power outages happen often in the north?

Thanks for your help!

Yes they do happen, we have had a few this week. They have not lasted long, just a few minutes. We have a generator as backup, essential for us as our water is pumped, but for you I guess it would be important for the router etc.

If you find accommodation with an automatic (ideally) back-up generator then they are not too much of an inconvenience. they dont happen very often but certainly on a more regular basis than in the UK. They tend to be for very short periods as Lollypops has said.

Do they only happen in the North?

As mentioned above, getting an accommodation with an automatic generator makes the occasional power outage very manageable.

Even with a generator, it usually takes a few seconds for it to start and you'll still get a few seconds of no power. If you have sensitive electronics, you may want to put them behind  a UPS for additional protection.

no of course they are not limited to just one district